• 11.8.18

    Dan Craig Breaks Through for UGG

    In the latest collaboration between Illustrator Dan Craig and UGG, time is an illusion. In a subversion of the myths we’ve told ourselves, Dan has created a series of classically styled paintings that reflect stories from times of old. Each one is massive and a take on images you already know: Simon Vouet’s Venus, François Boucher’s Hercules & Omphale and Alexandre Cabanel’s Apollo. Of course, they’re all a little different, but that’s the point. They’re all remixes on a classic.

    This latest campaign celebrates the collaboration between UGG and Y/Project, a series of new styles that remix the classic UGG look, so it stands to reason that the new styles would be breaking through the past and into the present. Each of Dan’s illustrations are painted life-size and feature cutouts so that live models pop in and out of them, showing of their very human faces and the UGG styles featured in each image. Whether they’re a heeled version of a boot, or a men’s style that’s three-tiered or a take on a flip-flop, these are styles we’ve never seen before with DNA that runs back to the very beginning of the brand and their most iconic styles.

    It’s a blend of new and old that makes this campaign created with Plus Agency burst through to the future, with each image offering a tension that demands the audience gives a second look.

  • 7.2.13

    Jamie Chung & Dan Craig Take Us to the Place Where Cheese Reigns

    Photographer Jamie Chung and illustrator Dan Craig come together to create a "place where cheese reigns" for Finlandia cheeses latest ad campaign. Jamie and Dan worked with agency Barton F. Graf 9000 on some intriguing cheese-obsessed characters including: the Cheese Dunce, the Cheese Masochist, the Flavor Caretaker and the Flavor Philosopher. This curious family of fromage lovers can now be seen on a billboard near you.

    Client: Finlandia Cheese
    Campaign: "Where Cheese Reigns"
    Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000
    Illustrator: Dan Craig
    Photographer: Jamie Chung
    Typography/Crest: Jordan Metcalf
    Retoucher: Box Graphics
    Record/Mix: Heard City
    Media: MediaWorx

  • 4.27.10

    B&A Artists in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 51

    Communication Arts juror and design director of ALM Media Joan Ferrell says, "Illustration still has the power to communicate, inspire and, yes, sell in a more innovative and effective way, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon." Bernstein & Andriulli artists Josh Cochran, Dan Craig, Nathan Fox, John Hendrix, Kristian Olson, and Yuko Shimizu continue to inspire and innovate. Their work appears in the 51st issue of the Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

    Pictured above: Nathan Fox
    Art Director: Brian Anstey
    Designer: Jackie Blum
    Client: Entertainment Weekly
    "Heroes and Villains" debates whether the effect of pop icons are positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

    Illustrator: Yuko Shimizu
    Art Director: SooJin Buzelli
    Client: Asset International

    Shimizu created a series of illustrations for the covers and interiors of PlanSponsor and PlanAdviser investment magazines. Shimizu's wrap-around cover illustration for Ryunosuke Akutagawa's The Beautiful and the Grotesque is also honored in the "Unpublished" category. The novel will be published July 2010.

    Illustrator: Kristian Olson
    Art Director: Jay Dea
    Design Director: Joan Ferrell
    Client: The American Lawyer/ALM Media

    Olson's series looks at five emerging legal markets - Abu Dhabi, Brazil, India, Russia, and Singapore.

    Illustrator: John Hendrix
    Art Director: Matthew Lenning
    Client: American Illustration

    Hendrix's drawing appears on the front and back cover of American Illustration 28, a publication containing winning works from a jury selection.

    Illustrator: Dan Craig
    Art Director: Colin Jones
    Ad Agency: BBDO London
    Client: Birdseye

    Craig gave fish a posh life in an advertisement, poster, and bus stop image promoting a high-end line of frozen fish. The tagline reads "A Better Class of Fish." His advertisement for the Grand Victoria Casino "You Rule" also appears.

    Illustrator: Josh Cochran
    Art Director: Sonia Chaghaztbanian, Lauren Rille
    Client: Simon & Schuster

    Cochran captures unicorns and zombies at war for the cover of a young adult book of short stories that will be released September 2010.
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