• 9.1.19

    Anna Pogossova Creates Natural Beauty For Sheridan

    In a stunning campaign for The Sheridan Recycling Program, photographer Anna Pogossova created natural beauty in camera as she worked with the team to capture the key imagery for the project.

    The ‘Make Tomorrow Beautiful’ campaign highlights Sheridan’s recycling program, which enforces the brand’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and focuses on taking accountability in production processes. Anna worked closely with production designer Silvanna Azzi Heras to recreate and capture natural landscapes and moments in nature created entirely of Sheridan product. The result is a moving series of images made entirely in-camera that transport viewers to a birds-eye view overlooking the 'natural beauty'.

    Anna worked with The Glue Society to produce an evocative motion spot to accompany the stills that take viewers on a journey that casts a striking resemblance to the natural beauty of the landscapes that inspired the piece.

  • 5.17.19

    Anna Pogossova Plays In The Sand With Museum Magazine

    In her latest collaboration with Museum Magazine and Camper, photographer Anna Pogossova headed to the Stockton Sand Dunes in New South Wales to capture her own sculpture designs in a still life setting.

    “The sculptures were a reimagining of the Eames Solar Do-Nothing Machine from 1957, and were designed and constructed by me. I created vector drawings which were then used to laser cut various shapes which formed the sculpture. The choice was very much to do with the look of the Camper shoes themselves, which I felt referenced a 60’s vision of the future and the atomic era design aesthetic.”

    “I wanted to shoot specifically in afternoon light conditions as the sun was setting, and the shadows were getting longer,” explained Anna. “It did become quite cloudy towards the end of the day, but I liked the way it gave the image some softness and an ethereal quality.”

    The sculptures feature a reflective component that mirrors the sand and the sky more vividly than the reality. The sleek lines of the sculpture's stem flow into the dark fabrics of the shoes, corresponding to the fluid nature of the geometric shapes. The result is a series of images captured by Anna that both complements and contrasts the Camper pieces.

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