• 12.20.18

    A Holiday Tradition of Collaboration

    Holiday traditions bring warmth and togetherness to the winter season. In their long-standing tradition, Kiehl’s continues the annual Limited Edition Charitable Holiday Collection artist collaboration to do just that.  This year, the family-founded skincare brand selected Andrew Bannecker as the artist to illustrate their campaign to help end hunger, and it’s the whimsical festivity that we’ve all been waiting for.

    Andrew’s signature use of bright and vivid colors illustrate these quirky characters, evoking the festive spirit throughout this collaboration for the holidays. But the collection raises more than just awareness. During a segment on her daytime talk show, Ellen Degeneres featured the project and announced that 100% of the net profits will be used to provide over 1 million meals to Feeding America.

    Inspired by the spirit of holiday collaborations, Bernstein & Andriulli brought some of our artists together. Creative studio Bewilder gave life to the otherwise 2D characters from the Kiehl’s campaign. In this short holiday message, you can meet some of the illustrations Andrew featured throughout the collection and share in the holiday cheer.

    From all of us at B&A, we hope you have a great holiday season.

  • 12.1.15

    Andrew Bannecker Gets Thankful with American Greetings

    Tis the season to be thankful, and no one is more acutely aware of this than American Greetings. The greeting cards giant enables millions of customers around the world to express their feelings to their loved ones, and their latest campaign with Andrew Bannecker works to spread even more cheer. Andrew took statements of Thanks from American Greetings and illustrated the ideas behind them, bringing them to life in this series of images.

    The words that they chose for the project weren’t carefully crafted talking points that went through focus groups. Instead, they were pulled from real users who tweeted with the hashtag #ThankList. American Greetings counted all the tweets and Facebook shares with the hashtag and for each usage of the hashtag donated $1 to United Way Worldwide, a non-profit that enters under privilege communities to help them with long terms development for sustainable progress. Engaging with this kind of communication made the project special for Andrew. “It makes it a little more enjoyable to work on these messages that really were peoples’ tweets and submissions,” says Andrew. “It makes it a little more personal when I’m working on it and I can sort of get into the characters. I have a little more fun with the idea that they’re real people. So actually it was more special to work on than a regular job.”

    Since each of the Thank Yous were submitted by real people, some of them got really unique. But, as we all know, the more specific sentiments get the more they become hilariously relatable. Andrew found himself connecting with each of these writers by design, but some of them got really close to his own personal experience. “My favorite one was the cat video,” explains Andrew. “My wife and my sister in law have that kind of bond over that kind of silly stuff and that was a fun one to work on. I think it had a lot of personality and people can relate to it.” It was a message about sharing what’s important to us and what makes us laugh, something that is incredibly intimate, even if it’s through the lens of cat videos on YouTube.

    Interacting with these submissions was the most important part of the project, something that both Andrew and American Greetings were super aware of. American Greetings did what they could to enable that connection, the biggest step was to let the collaboration happen in the doing. They stepped back and let Andrew do his best work. “They told me to do what felt right, what’s fun, what’s going to be memorable to the viewer,” Andrew says. “It was a nice, open, creative brief. It was enjoyable. You don’t get that all the time.” By allowing Andrew to interact directly with the sentiments of these users he was able to create something deeply personal, helping viewers relate to the messages more deeply. At a time we’re meant to remember everything we should be thankful for, these are messages we can all relate to.

  • 3.11.15

    B&A Plays with Oreo

    Everyone has their own way of eating Oreos. Whether it's dunking in an ice-cold glass of milk, twisting the cookies from The Stuff, or eating the sandwich cookies whole, there's no wrong way to do it. The myriad of flavors, colors, and themed special editions mean that there's an Oreo out there for everyone, and they can fit comfortably into anyone's experience. Oreo's latest campaign, Play with Oreo, highlights the customizability of Oreos current generation offering a unique flavor for everyone. Oreo collaborated with a handful of artists to illustrate all the experiences Oreo can partner on. Working with ten different artist and studios, including B&A artists Ryan Todd, Jeff Soto, Shotopop, Andrew Bannecker, and McBess, each creative brought their own spin on the story that Oreo is telling in the campaign: that there’s an Oreo for everyone.

    Ryan Todd, who contributed illustrations to the campaign, explains that the campaign is really about the personal experiences that each illustrator could bring to the collection. Each illustration features an Oreo character, whose head is a smiling Oreo cookie that acts as the central character in the compositions. “The Oreo character became a personification of playfulness and was central in everyone’s artwork,” says Ryan. “In a way, the iconic Oreo cookie existing as a smiling character was a way for us to channel and represent our own approach to playfulness.” Each ad uses a different word to express each unique experience. Whether you’re discovering, twisting, wondering, rolling, or dreaming, Oreo can partner with you on your journey. By using all these different artists, different styles play off the different actions and create a campaign that’s as varied as Oreo’s customer base.

    That creative breadth requires artistic agility, something that was acutely felt by the artists. “It was very exciting to work with a brand who were really keen to promote and encourage playfulness,” says Ryan. “This approach really resonates with me and the way I work so it was a dream project to be involved with.” That freedom and collaborative energy means that each artist’s aesthetic is immediately recognizable. Jeff Soto’s signature characters populate his piece, with their extending antlers, and topographical elements singular to the artist. Andrew Bannecker’s shaded vector style is beautifully suited to his space themed scene. Shotopop’s detail oriented flair offers all the necessary features to speak to their twisty composition. And who better than McBess to inject an honest depiction of the rock lifestyle into Oreo’s world?

    Oreo can truly fit into any lifestyle, and for every lifestyle there’s a new Oreo flavor. Recently Oreo has released flavors like Red Velvet, Cinnamon Spice, and Cookie Dough. Out of all the flavors that he could choose, Ryan Todd’s pick is a little smoother. “Here in the UK, we’re not quite as well versed with the variety of flavors on offer compared to that in the US but Oreo ice-cream is always a winner for me!” says Ryan. Wonderful!

  • 12.5.14

    Andrew Bannecker Gets Royal Stamp of Approval

    The holiday season is a time for celebration. Families and friends come together to celebrate the spirit of community and union, in both religious and secular ways, while still others observe the New Year. The brave venture outside and play in the brisk temperatures, skating and romping through the snow. It is a season of reflection ,appreciation, and communication. Distances between loved ones become shorter, and the entire year is contemplated.

    To celebrate this time of year, The Royal Mail in the UK commissions new, seasonal designs for their stamps. It comes from a long tradition, starting with a children’s design competition. The Royal Mail has commissioned artists almost every year since the original design, and their latest choice was Andrew Bannecker. Keeping in line with a playful, unpretentious aesthetic, Andrew’s designs show off everything that is the best about Winter, especially to those in the UK. The Royal Mail says Andrew’s designs, “bring the sense of community and tradition at the Snowy Village Christmas Fair to life, with a host of time honoured festive activities.” From ice skating, to tree hunting, to building snowmen, the greatest opportunities of the season are printed in small, adhesive form to be sent along to loved ones wherever they may be.

    A major feature that those unfamiliar with Royal Mail stamps may notice is the silhouette in the corners. This is the outline of Queen Elizabeth II, and her silhouette represents actual approval from the Queen herself. Each special edition stamp must be approved by the crown for it to go into production. This remarkable fact is not lost on Andrew. “This is a dream project that I’m truly humbled to have been asked to do,” Andrew says with glee. “100% Queen approved!” If it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for us. Grab your Royally approved holiday stamps here.

  • 10.8.14

    Volkswagen Shares the Secret Cities of America

    Cities inspire us. They excite us. They are homes and hostels. They show us worlds we never knew, and new ways to see what we've always known. Everyone's city is different, even if they live in the same one, and each version is an intimate secret.

    To celebrate their new Golf, Volkswagen wanted to show off the cities that go unseen; the energies and spaces of places known to those who love, visit, and live in these places but unknown to the novice. The unsharable stories and the unshakeable inductions. They wanted to show the cities in America that are privately seen, and they chose artists to be the guides.

    Commissioning a handful of artists including Andrew Bannecker, Jeff Soto, and Jeremyville, VW used the Golf as the actual canvas to paint these private stories.

    Andrew Bannacker got to illustrate Washington, DC. He put together a veritable map of the US capital showing off presidential monuments, the White House, the capital, the zoo, and even a presidential motorcade. But Bannecker is savvy and didn't forget that Washington, DC is in the context of the mid-Atlantic United States. He shows off the crabs of Maryland, and the football and hockey of the locals. It's classic aesthetics and a faceted look at one of the most complex cities in America.

    Jeremyville composed the story of his New York City. Looking like an updated version of Saul Steinberg’s “View of the World from Morvan 9th Avenue,” Jeremyville imagines the city from a few intersections in the Lower East Side. In classic Jeremyville form, everything and everyone in the image is a character, from grumpy rats, to horrified hotdogs, to a cup of coffee and his phone. NYC is moving, in action, and on its way. It’s a maze of energy and flow, unstoppable, but he’s left a place for you.

    For Jeff Soto, it was Los Angeles. His LA is a little glitz, a little glam, and a lot of twilight. The sun and moon appear, ready for their close up, as the sun sets over the ocean with waves enough for surfing. The cityscape sits in the background with the burnished edges of the failing daylight, with stars and birds filling the sky. The watchful eyes of owls regard the streets and cacti, while a dragon slithers by a cat. Jeff Soto’s LA is quiet from a distance. He finds the peace of it and offers that peace.

    For VW, Artists Across America is about activating people. Inspiring them. They shared the visual stories of these cities, and anyone can take them home. They've made the entire collection printable, so that anyone can print, cut out, and assemble paper versions of these artist experiences. Not only that, they've also made the 3D version of the Golf available for anyone to print, blank. VW only highlighted five cities and five artists, but the idea is to empower all Artists Across America and the cities they live in.

    So print one out. Draw the experience of your city or your town. Join Andrew Bannacker, Jeff Soto, and Jeremyville. Tell the secrets of your home.

  • 2.11.14

    Andrew Bannecker's TV Spots for Starbucks VIA Latte

    Starbucks tapped Andrew Bannecker to illustrate spots for its VIA Latte, following his successful art for the delicious cup of (regular) Starbucks coffee – in an instant. "It's been wonderful working with Andrew," remarked Rachel Frederick, associate creative director at BBDO. "Through the duration of this campaign and regardless of how quickly we needed him to turn something around, Andrew responded with warmth, laughter, and impeccable art. His style and personality have helped to elevate this project to one that we are all very proud of."

    Bannecker noted that the assignment marked his first television commercials: "I've created elements used in various TV advertisements, but I've never drawn an entire TV ad ... and it's exciting to get my feet wet with Starbucks, one of my initial clients. At this point, we've been together all over the world."

    Two of the five ads have launched; the debut piece was tied to a VIA Taste Challenge and the others suggest where and how to enjoy a VIA Latte – "The whole notion of the campaign is you can go on a 'Starbucks run' anytime, and not only if there's a Starbucks nearby," Bannecker explained. He and BBDO storyboard each spot, and he determines the key elements to depict, creates the frames in Adobe Illustrator, and hands them off to Elastic in L.A. to be animated.

    He called the process smooth, adding that after producing content for one or two, he found himself "in the groove. You start to know what you want for the third and fourth spots, so the assets become easier, the flow of work is streamlined, and it's generally more pleasurable." Bannecker is also the hand behind VIA Latte's new print messaging.

  • 11.26.13

    Andrew Bannecker Brings Holiday Wonder to Starbucks

    Starbucks partnered with Andrew Bannecker on advertisements for its VIA Ready Brew and a recent holiday promotion. "Starbucks is one of my first clients and it's always great to see my work on a brand I use so often," said the artist, adding more VIA ads will break soon.

    For the "Share Joy" piece, Bannecker used a fold-in template, a nod to the optical illusion developed by Mad magazine. ("Those are insane," Bannecker remarked. "This was more simplistic.") "Starbucks asked me to create the rooftops, which turned into whipped cream and foam, as well as the window scene. Fortunately, the math was done for me to ensure everything would line up, so I sat down, mapped out the window, and drew it out digitally," he explained.

    Bannecker pored over the details of each beverage. "Starbucks stuck its neck out and said, 'Okay, we want an illustration and not a photo,' but it needs to embody a sort of appetite appeal," he mentioned. "There's a fine line between, 'I want to get one of those drinks,' and, 'Oh, that's a cute drawing.' "

  • 10.22.13

    Andrew Bannecker's Prints Available at Urban Outfitters

    Two of Andrew Bannecker's illustrations can now be purchased from Urban Outfitters. "I attach myself to anything nautical, and I wanted to do a piece with a ship in a bottle," said Bannecker of "No Way Out," available online only. "I turned it on its head and created a scene inside the bottle, instead of having the ship sit there."

    The "Black Bird" poster is adapted from an artwork he made for a gallery show in L.A: "It was initially about The Beatles and 'Blackbird' was one of my favorite songs, so it evolved from there." Each is inked on archival, acid-free, natural white paper with a matte finish, and hand-trimmed with a one-inch border.  

    And each is priced at $24. "It's a matter of having a couple of pieces out there that are easily accessible," Bannecker explained. "I used to sell my prints myself; however, I ran out of time to do it, so I closed my shop. I get e-mails all of the time asking for them, so the partnership with Urban Outfitters is a great solution."

    He last collaborated with the retailer about five years ago on a selection of canvas prints that sold in the U.S. and the U.K.

  • 10.10.12

    Andrew Bannecker Gets Spooky With Chipotle

    Chipotle brought on Andrew Bannecker to put together an illustration for their 2012 Boorito campaign benefiting the Cultivate Foundation. So if you needed a good reason to dress up this Halloween, this is it. Come into any Chipotle dressed in your best mummy, witch, or green chili pepper outfit on the 31st between 4PM to close and get a $2 burrito. All proceeds up to $1,000,000 go to the restaurant's non-profit organization committed to local farming and food sustainability.
  • 6.11.12

    B&A Artists Win in the 3X3 ProShow

    Andrew Bannecker, Olaf Hajek, Thornberg & Forester, and Rod Hunt have been selected in 3X3 Magazine's ProShow Annual 2012. 3X3 is published three times a year and is the first magazine devoted entirely to the art of contemporary illustration. One issue a year is the international juried show annual which includes the best illustration in advertising, books, editorial, sci-fi, institutional, gallery, unpublished, and children's books.

    Olaf Hajek received two awards from 3X3. His monograph was recognized in Books and he was also awarded a Distinguished Merit in Gallery. Rod Hunt's illustration for the cover of the book Looking for Transwonderland was awarded a Bronze. Andrew Bannecker's illustration "Fleet" was recognized in Unpublished. Finally, Thornberg & Forester received Silver for their Animation work on two pieces, Dice and Gel 2011.

    The awards issue of 3X3 Magazine will be published later this summer.


  • 5.16.12

    Recent Work from Andrew Bannecker

    Andrew Bannecker celebrates the Newport Beach Film Festival with an original illustration. The annual film festival brings together over 350 filmmakers from 40 countries to showcase their work on the big screens. Bannecker's artwork, a colorful night and mountain landscape, was shown between films. The festival ran from April 26th until May 3rd.

    Bannecker also created an original illustration for the cover of Lucky Bastard by S.G. Browne. The new book from Simon and Shuster is about Nick Monday, a private detective and so-called "luck-poacher" in San Francisco. Bannecker collaborated with Simon and Shuster's Art Director Lisa Litwack on the artwork. The cover features a raised fist clasping a broken four-leaf clover with a dragonhead and the book's name appearing as tattoos on the forearm. The book is on sale now in bookstores nationwide.

    See more of Andrew Bannecker's illustrations here.

  • 12.13.11

    B&A Artists Exhibit at The Society of Illustrators

    Every year, The Society of Illustrators honors the best achievements in illustration from the past year in an exhibition. B&A's John Hendrix and Andrew Bannecker are among those selected this year for "Illustration 54: America's Original Annual of Illustration." The jury selected nine of Hendrix's illustrations and eight of those will be exhibited across all the categories. Two of Bannecker's illustrations were selected.

    Hendrix's work represents a wide range in his professional life, advertising campaigns, children's books and editorial work with clients including AT&T, Rolling Stone and Random House. Three of his illustrations for A Boy Called Dickens, a type piece, and a Rolling Stone trivia series are in the show. Hendrix says it is always an honor to be a part of the annual show but that this year is "particularly special," for the number of his pieces included.

    Bannecker's two pieces for the show are a non-commissioned illustration called "Night Falls" and an advertising piece called "Wish." "Wish" was created for the American Cancer Society. The piece represents "the birthdays that cancer survivors are celebrating thanks to cancer research."

    The Society of Illustrators Annual Show will open on January 4th, 2012. For more information, visit The Society of Illustrators website.

    See more of John Hendrix's illustration work here.

    See more of Andrew Bannecker's illustrations here.

  • 11.8.11

    Adam Hayes and Andrew Bannecker for Nike VCXC

    Adam Hayes and Andrew Bannecker collaborate with Nike on their new VCXC space in The Bronx, New York. Located across from the Van Cortlandt Park Cross Country Track, the space is devoted to runners and features custom tees, interactive displays, and running gear. VCXC honors the park's cross-country heritage and promises to be a community gathering space for local runners. Nike opened similar sports-specific stores in Chicago and California.

    Hayes designed branding and map illustrations that decorate the interior and exterior walls of the space. He sketched several potential logo designs before Nike settled on his hand-drawn crest design. Hayes says of the crest, "The playful typography with the silhouetted and iconic tortoise and hare mascots retain the youthfulness and high energy of this sports event." He adds that he's extremely happy with how his logo has been used.

    Bannecker also created a branded logo for the space as well as playful illustrations that reflect his own style. He combined the head and shell of the tortoise and the hare for one logo and in another, simply had the hare jumping over the VCXC logo. Bannecker's illustrations are interspersed with Hayes inside and outside the space.

    The Nike VCXC space will remain open until the end of cross-country season in December.

    See more of Adam Hayes' illustration work here.

    See more of Andrew Bannecker's illustration work here.

    [caption id="attachment_7842" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Adam Hayes"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_7843" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Adam Hayes"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_7844" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Adam Hayes"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_7845" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Bannecker"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_7846" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Bannecker"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_7847" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Bannecker"][/caption]

  • 5.11.11

    Andrew Bannecker Illustrates Jamie Oliver's Summer Line

    Andrew Bannecker brings fruits and vegetables to life for Jamie Oliver's JME homeware line. The line's summer collection is based around the theme "Summer Loving" and celebrates popular food pairings like tomato and basil and lemon and mint.

    Bannecker's colorful illustrations appear on mugs, tea towels, and picnic tins. The products feature the foods interacting with each other in a loving or flirtatious manner. The lemon and the mint piece hold hands on the mugs and the orange woos the carrot on a tea towel.

    The products are available now on Jamie Oliver's website.

    See more of Andrew Bannecker's illustrations here.

  • 2.21.11

    Andrew Bannecker Illustrates Chicco's Times Square Campaign

    Chicco, an Italian company specializing in baby products, is launching a new campaign in Times Square to familiarize American customers with its products and its name. The campaign invites parents to film short videos of their babies correctly pronouncing the company's name, "KEE-ko", and to post the videos to the Chicco site where they could end up on a massive billboard in Times Square. Andrew Bannecker created illustrations of Times Square for the billboard and website.
    Bannecker was asked to create a fun and charming kid-focused version of Times Square. The colorful illustrations include parents, children, taxis, and other bright Times Square billboards. The art was designed to surround the video module on the massive billboard. At the center above the video is the tagline "Get Them to Say Chicco (KEE-ko)". Bannecker's illustrations also appear on the Chicco website and their Facebook page.

    To find out more about the campaign visit the Chicco website.

    See more of Andrew Bannecker's illustrations here.

    Client: Chicco
    Agency: McCann Erickson
    Art Buyer: Agatha Maciejewki
    Creative Director: Nathalie Brown
    Creative Director: Karen Ingram
    Illustrations: Andrew Bannecker
  • 2.2.11

    B&A Artists in the Society of Illustrators' Annual Show

    Each year, the Society of Illustrators recognizes the top achievements within the field of illustration. Exhibitions and awards encompass all genres, media and level of expertise, from students to lifetime Society members. Illustrators 53: Book and Editorial Categories will recognize illustrations used in or for the cover of books and work commissioned for newspapers, magazines, medical or scientific journals, and online magazines.

    B&A would like to congratulate the following artists, Andrew Bannecker, Marcos Chin, Josh Cochran, John Hendrix, Rod Hunt, Yuko Shimizu, Mark Todd, and Steven Guarnaccia on their entrance into the show. Cochran will also be awarded a silver medal for his work Zombies vs. Unicorns, seen above.

    The opening reception will be held Friday, February 6th at 6:00 pm at 128 East 63rd Street in New York City. The show will run until February 19th. For more information visit the Society's website here.

    [caption id="attachment_5200" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Andrew Bannecker"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_5201" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="John Hendrix"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_5202" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Rod Hunt"][/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_5203" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Mark Todd"][/caption]

  • 10.8.10

    B&A Artists in RE:FORM SCHOOL, A Redu Project

    This weekend in New York City October 9-11, RE:FORM SCHOOL will be taking over 233 Mott St. in a call for the reform of the American Public Education System. RE:FORM school is an art exhibition, event series, and public awareness campaign that believes it is the right of every child to have access to high quality education. It is open to the public between 10:00am-6:00pm.

    Artists involved include Andrew Bannecker, Gary Baseman, FunJob, Shepard Fairey (founder of Studio Number One), Tes One (pictured above: Wonders Never Cease), TrustoCorp, and many more. Events include a silkscreening workshop with Faile, a paper mural workship with WK Interact, and a breakdancing class with Ken Swift. Don't forget to stop by the old fashioned bake sale! Proceeds support local arts and education.

    Tes One is featured at RE:FORM SCHOOL's blog in their "Meet the Artist" series. He explains, "When I was younger, I had a hard time concentrating in school because my imagination was quite vivid. I would daydream a lot. I wanted to explore and discover things as much as I could. As I got older, the capacity of my imagination would shrink to make room for practicality, limitations, life, etc.

  • 9.14.10

    Am I Collective, Andrew Bannecker, ilovedust, and Kai & Sunny Celebrate More Birthdays with the American Cancer Society

    The American Cancer Society and The Martin Agency team up with artists and musicians for their "More Birthdays" movement, because "A world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays." Artists were given uplifting facts in the fight against cancer to use as inspiration for new work. Musicians recorded their own version of the song "Happy Birthday" especially for the American Cancer Society. People who visit morebirthdays.com can purchase custom art, send personalized music videos, or send an art e-card with a special birthday message.

    Artists invited to join the movement include Am I Collective, Andrew Bannecker, ilovedust, and Kai & Sunny. Musicians Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Devo, and Colbi Caillat also lent their support. Visit the website to see the full list of participating artists and explore the art and music in celebration of more birthdays. Wrapping paper, posters, and limited edition prints are for sale with proceeds supporting the American Cancer Society.

    Pictured above: Am I Collective - "Breathe Deep"
    Inspiration: Nearly 70 percent of America is now covered by smoke-free laws in public spaces.

    Andrew Bannecker - "Wish"
    About his piece: "I focused my design on the magic moment right after you blow out a birthday candle. It represents the birthdays that cancer survivors are celebrating thanks to cancer research."

    ilovedust - "Poppin' Off Birthdays"
    Inspiration: Every day, we celebrate 350 more birthdays because of the progress made against cancer.

    Kai and Sunny - "Butterfly Effect"
    What "more birthdays" means to Kai and Sunny: More adventures, more experiences, more knowledge, more surfing.

    Wrapping paper

  • 12.22.09

    Bernstein & Andriulli Wishes You A Warm and Wonderful Holiday!

    2009 is coming to a close and we would like to thank all of our talent, clients, agents, and friends for a wonderful year. A blog was started (which became our homepage), new artists were signed on, and lots of cool projects were carried out. We leave you with this animated video and wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

    The blog will resume January 4th, 2009. Cheers!
    Animation and direction by:
    12 foot 6

    Art By:
    Andrew Rae
    Andrew Bannecker
    Stan Chow
    Am I Collective
    Josh Cochran
    Nishant Choksi
    Nathan Fox
    Big Chief
    Tatiana Arocha
    Tristan Eaton
    Sarah Coleman
    Ben Wachenje

    Sound, Music, and Voice:
    Expansion Team

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