• 9.27.13

    Am I Collective Tells the Story of the Book for MTN

    Am I Collective and MetropolitanRepublic's latest spot for telecom company MTN tells the history of the book, beginning in Babylonian times. "Yet ... there's always been one small problem – the knowledge inside these books has only been within the reach of a select few," the narrator posits. "But now that your SIM card can be your library card, all these books are available on any mobile device, which means they can reach people and places they ever could before."

    "[We] decided to use the book for the second commercial because it's an object of relevant importance that has changed through the ages," said director Ruan Vermeulen. "The ad showcases how knowledge can be brought to everyone via digital devices, which is one of MTN's main marketing principles, especially in Africa." He noted that "the amount of information presented needed to be condensed a lot more than" in the first ad featuring the wallet. "We used clever animation transitions, like flipping through pages, to show the evolution of print and the evolution of the book, in return. We also made sure the transition from live action to stop-frame to 3D was seamless."

    A third advertisement is already in the works. Check out the book commercial and a making-of video at right.

    Client: MTN Corporate
    Production Company: Am I Collective Cape Town 
    Director: Ruan Vermeulen
    Producer: Arnelle Woker 
    Assistant producer: Chantal de Kock 
    Animation: Killer Robot VFX
    Props: SBB Fabrication
    Stop-frame supervisor: Lindsay van Blerk at XYZOO
    Stop-frame camera rigger/operator: Heiko Von Fintel at EYE ON LOCATION 
    Production: IKRAAL

  • 1.25.13

    Am I Collective Takes on the NBA Big Color Series

    Am I Collective worked with Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. U.S.A to create a series of posters promoting the NBA's Big Color series limited edition jerseys. The posters mimic the style of the jerseys themselves, which are done in a monochromatic color scheme.

    The teams represented in the posters are the Brooklyn Nets (Joe Johnson), New York Knicks (Carmelo Anthony), Oklahoma Thunder (Russell Westbrook), Miami Heat (Dwayne Wade), and LA Lakers (Dwight Howard). Each poster depicts a player surrounded by layers of illustrations of cultural iconography and geographical landmarks relevant to their city. The poster of Anthony of the NY Knicks was recently featured in a commercial directed by Spike Lee.

  • 12.20.12

    Am I Collective's Green Graphics for Kiss My Aster

    Am I Collective worked with author and avid gardener Amanda Thomsen on a new book called Kiss My Aster. Am I Collective illustrated more than 160 pages of this fun and quirky beginner's guide to creating a fantastic yard. "The illustrators did a really good job of keeping my flava', you know?" said Amanda in a recent interview. "I'm so glad I ended up with these guys, I just love them." Kiss My Aster was released earlier this week and is available for purchase on Amazon.

  • 4.8.11

    Am I Collective Create a Viral Video for Converse

    Converse is bringing attention to their lesser-known Star Chevron brand with a citywide block party. To promote the party, Am I Collective worked with Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai to create a launch video. The video encourages Converse fans to go online and vote for their city to be the party's host.

    Am I Collective worked closely with Wieden + Kennedy creatives to concept the storyline and animation and bring to life the essence of the brand. Star Chevron comes with a tradition steeped in urban sport, hip-hop and street fun, all of which are conveyed in the video. The one-minute stop-frame video features 3 Chinese youths running through the streets of Shanghai irreverently putting up posters announcing the party to the city. The video was shot on location in Shanghai.

    See more of of Am I Collective's portfolio here.

    Client: Converse
    Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai
    Wieden + Kennedy Creatives: Julie Liu, Matthew Carey, Peter Zheng
    Production House: Uno Digital
    Artist: Am I Collective
  • 9.28.10

    Am I Collective's Tribute Poster for World Cup Winner Spain

    Am I Collective's ESPN posters for the World Cup were so popular, fans were "practically hammering down [their] doors for some of the posters as souvenirs for the World Cup." Thanks to high demand, Am I Collective presents a commemorative poster celebrating Spain's victory in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Download the high-res file here for free.

    Am I Collective Blog
    Am I Collective portfolio

  • 9.14.10

    Am I Collective, Andrew Bannecker, ilovedust, and Kai & Sunny Celebrate More Birthdays with the American Cancer Society

    The American Cancer Society and The Martin Agency team up with artists and musicians for their "More Birthdays" movement, because "A world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays." Artists were given uplifting facts in the fight against cancer to use as inspiration for new work. Musicians recorded their own version of the song "Happy Birthday" especially for the American Cancer Society. People who visit morebirthdays.com can purchase custom art, send personalized music videos, or send an art e-card with a special birthday message.

    Artists invited to join the movement include Am I Collective, Andrew Bannecker, ilovedust, and Kai & Sunny. Musicians Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Devo, and Colbi Caillat also lent their support. Visit the website to see the full list of participating artists and explore the art and music in celebration of more birthdays. Wrapping paper, posters, and limited edition prints are for sale with proceeds supporting the American Cancer Society.

    Pictured above: Am I Collective - "Breathe Deep"
    Inspiration: Nearly 70 percent of America is now covered by smoke-free laws in public spaces.

    Andrew Bannecker - "Wish"
    About his piece: "I focused my design on the magic moment right after you blow out a birthday candle. It represents the birthdays that cancer survivors are celebrating thanks to cancer research."

    ilovedust - "Poppin' Off Birthdays"
    Inspiration: Every day, we celebrate 350 more birthdays because of the progress made against cancer.

    Kai and Sunny - "Butterfly Effect"
    What "more birthdays" means to Kai and Sunny: More adventures, more experiences, more knowledge, more surfing.

    Wrapping paper

  • 8.12.10

    B&A Illustrators in SIGnature Magazine's First Online Issue

    Sara Hayward, Am I Collective, and Ben Wachenje all contributed to the latest issue of SIGnature magazine, published by Pace Communications. Sara Hayword's collage graces the cover, with portraits by Ben Wachenje and animated features and illustrations by Am I Collective. The publication targets Bluetooth SIG members, a large and diverse international group of companies that work together to further the use of Bluetooth short-range wireless technology. For the first time ever, the magazine is publishing a digital version that can be viewed online, greatly increasing its readership and providing accessibility to people everywhere.

    Says Art Director Larry Williams, "When we initiated this project, I was looking for multiple illustrations and animations that would work best across multiple platforms. With the variety of talented illustrators in Bernstein & Andriulli's arsenal, I knew I was going to find the perfect match." For the cover, Sara Hayward's work was "a clear winner" after Williams presented several options to the client.

    Am I Collective was called on to work for an interactive feature that included animating their illustrations. Comments Williams,"The designers at Am I Collective are truly great collaborators and know how to take an idea and bring it to life in stunning fashion. The special report was about health and fitness and a few of the guys at Am I Collective were even drafted as models to run, jump, and perform all kinds of exercises."

    Wachenje illustrated a series of portraits of technology experts. The clients liked the portraits so much, that Williams notes "this will be our new style going forward." To view the work by Hayward, Am I Collective, and Wachenje, visit the Bluetooth website. The magazine is also available via the Apple App store and Amazon.com. Take a look to learn how Bluetooth technology has become an increasingly indispensable part of home, work, and personal lives.

    SIGnature Magazine, the Bluetooth Quarterly
    Sara Hayward
    Am I Collective
    Ben Wachenje

  • 5.19.10

    Am I Collective Designs 32 Murals for the World Cup

    Austin Merrill reports for Vanity Fair's online section "Fair Play" about ESPN's expanded coverage of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. ESPN enlisted Wieden+Kennedy for the ad campaign that features work by Am I Collective. 32 murals by Am I Collective (one for each team) will appear on billboards and more in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
    L: North Korea: Chollima (The Winged Horses), R: New Zealand: The All Whites

    According to Mark van Niekerk, founding member of Am I Collective, the murals pay homage to Ghanaian movie posters from the 1980s. Am I Collective also designed the poster for the World Cup kick-off concert on June 10th. Musical acts include the Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, Alicia Keys, John Legend, the Parlotones, and more.

    Keeping reading "Fair Play" over the next few weeks as Vanity Fair writers continue to use the Am I Collective murals for team write-ups.

    Learn more at Vanity Fair - The World Cup, in 32 Murals
    View more murals by Am I Collective - The 32 Teams
    View more work by Am I Collective - portfolio

  • 5.14.10

    Am I Collective's "Bleed Your Colors" for Nike

    Am I Collective animated and directed a 30 second viral video for the Nike Sportswear Six Collection. Of the six countries in the "Bleed Your Colors" campaign, artists Am I Collective and Kronk represent the spirit of South Africa, the host nation of the 2010 World Cup. The Kronk x Nike sportswear collection launched in early May in stores stateside.

    The video was filmed in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Am I Collective artist Chris Hewitt created the mascot that runs through the cities like a virus infecting the urban environment. The mascot changes colors throughout this journey, each color reflecting the mascot's personality. Says Mark van Nierkerk of Am I Collective, "Black represents the darker competitive side of sport, yellow - speed and endurance and green - growth and development."

    Stills from the video:

    Read more about it at Nike

    Agency: Trigger Johannesburg
    Client: Nike
    Animation: Am I Collective
    Director: Christiaan Venter, Am I Collective
    Editing: Ruan Vermeulen, Am I Collective
    Design/Illustration: Chris Hewitt, Nathan Fourie, Edwin de Swart, Am I Collective
    Sound: Coenie Sutton, Trigger

    Check out the poster that Am I Collective designed for the kick-off concert for the World Cup.

    This post amended 5/14/2010 10:00am.

  • 12.22.09

    Bernstein & Andriulli Wishes You A Warm and Wonderful Holiday!

    2009 is coming to a close and we would like to thank all of our talent, clients, agents, and friends for a wonderful year. A blog was started (which became our homepage), new artists were signed on, and lots of cool projects were carried out. We leave you with this animated video and wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

    The blog will resume January 4th, 2009. Cheers!
    Animation and direction by:
    12 foot 6

    Art By:
    Andrew Rae
    Andrew Bannecker
    Stan Chow
    Am I Collective
    Josh Cochran
    Nishant Choksi
    Nathan Fox
    Big Chief
    Tatiana Arocha
    Tristan Eaton
    Sarah Coleman
    Ben Wachenje

    Sound, Music, and Voice:
    Expansion Team

  • 12.14.09

    Am I Collective Encourages You to Use Your Head

    The Soho Partnership has been helping the homeless in New York since 1992. The "Project Stay" program boasts a 72% success rate of people who remain employed for two years or longer. We invite you to shop at the store, where all proceeds of designer clothes such as PHI will go to The Soho Partnership. Have some drinks, peruse the selection of clothing, and check out the new store window designed by Am I Collective and styled by Joseph Delate. Please join us for a party for a cause tomorrow!

    UseYourHead (Party for A Cause)
    6:00pm - 8:00pm
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009
    262 Mott St. New York, NY 10012
    (212) 334-6755
    RSVP: rsvp2useyourhead@gmail.com

  • 10.8.09

    Am I Collective Drives Mini-Cooper Through the Ages

    Mini Cooper celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Am I Collective worked with agency Blackriver FC on the "Through the Ages" campaign that features typographic elements creating the shape of the car. Each phrase represents a specific era in time.

    After the print campaign Am I Collective suggested the idea of using its illustrations in an animation. Blackriver FC was quite keen and loved Am I Collective's treatment, giving them the go-ahead and creative freedom to create a viral ad that matches the Mini Cooper's playfulness and energy.

    Am I Collective did the original art, direction, and animation of the video. Sound was outsourced by the agency.

  • 9.15.09

    Am I Collective Presents BARE

    Am I Collective is launching 100 limited edition soon-to-be-world-famous Bares. Artists were invited to customize these special-molded characters produced by local South African company Todwil. Each Bare comes in a hand-painted box and is given a unique number.

    On September 24, Bares will be unleashed onto the world at the newly launched Am I Collective gallery in Cape Town. Also on that day, the Bares will be available for purchase via online auction. All proceeds go to Child Welfare.

    After a year of development, Am I Collective is extremely pleased to donate to charity, give emerging artists a platform for recognition, and to have loads of fun in the process. Please visit the Bare website for more information.
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