• 5.30.13


    Alan Cresto meets network television in Fashion Star, NBC’s design-oriented reality competition series. Sponsored by Macy’s, Saks and Express, the show celebrates a successful second season and boasts celebrity judges Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos.

    At the end of each challenge, buyers at Macy’s, Saks and Express had the chance to purchase and sell the winning design online. Alan photographed the winning pieces selected by Macy’s, which were then posted for sale on the department store’s website. The Fashion Star designed pieces were a hit with Macy’s consumers and quickly sold out. We think it might have to do with the fantastic photography.

  • 4.18.12

    Alan Cresto for Sony

    Alan Cresto captures images for Sony's "make.believe" campaign - Sony's official brand message implying that anything one imagines, one can create. Cresto shot lifestyle images of the Sony Cybershot Camera, marketed to a young demographic.

    Cresto shot the campaign on location in Los Angeles. The team was scouting for another part of the shoot when they happened upon the ferris wheel. The location was used for a lot of weddings and Cresto and creative director Guto Andrade were inspired to stage an outing for a group of friends that loosely implied a couple getting engaged. The group rides the ferris wheel, plays music, dances, and tailgates, all while emphasizing the different features of the camera. The ads are out now on billboards and in Sony stores around the country.

    See more of Alan Cresto's photography here.

    Client: Sony
    Creative Director: Luiz "Guto" Andrade
    Producer: Brian Cresto
    Photographer: Alan Cresto

  • 7.1.11

    Alan Cresto Directs Krista's "Hypnotized"

    Alan Cresto makes his music video directorial debut with"Hypnotized," by up-and-coming singer/songwriter Krista. The song is the first single from Krista's follow-up to her debut album "Taking Back Brooklyn." Cresto was approached by one of Krista's managers at Vel Records to film the video.

    The concept was to combine an exploration of how the world is so connected through media and technology with the style of viral YouTube videos, all in an upbeat dance video. The shoot took place over the course of two days in New York City. Cresto shot with a skeleton crew with Canon 5 and 7D cameras. The concert venue Canal Room gave permission for Krista to perform live at one of their late Saturday night shows. Thus, Cresto had just one opportunity to get the shot right and so he set up five cameras to capture the performance from all angles. The rowdy crowd added to Cresto's challenges. They continued shooting for a few hours later that night on the subway.

    "Hypnotized" was recently AOL's Video of the Day.

    See more of Alan Cresto's photography here.

    Director: Alan Cresto
    Director of Photography: Chris Bierlein
    Editor: Frank Macias
    Artist: Krista

  • 2.10.11

    Alan Cresto Captures Borghese's Iconic FANGO

    The luxury cosmetics and skincare company Borghese is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the brand's most iconic product, FANGO. Alan Cresto was commissioned to photograph Do You Fango? an ad campaign solely dedicated to the time-tested product and its Italian heritage. FANGO is made from mineral laden Tuscan mud, which has been used for its healing properties since the 14the century.

    Borghese wanted to keep the campaign simple and clean while still celebrating the unique beauty in everyone. Cresto shot a male model and a female model against a crisp white background with "Do You Fango?" written on their bodies in the green-hued mud. Three of the four images feature a male model, demonstrating that FANGO is for both men and women.

    The ads are appearing nationally in print and on the web now.

    Client: Borghese
    Photography: Alan Cresto
    Agency: Agency212
    Creative Director: Nassos Gnafkis

  • 7.22.10

    Alan Cresto Directs Ne-Yo for Macy's

    Alan Cresto reunites with Grammy-nominated R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo to direct a promotional video for Macy's. Ne-Yo shows off his sleek and tailored style in clothing by Macy's private label Alfani Red while performing "Nobody" off of the Year of the Gentleman album. Cresto shot the video over two days around New York City, filming a helicopter entrance, riding around the city in a vintage car, and Ne-Yo performing on a floating barge in the East River with the iconic skyline in the background.

    Ne-Yo will release his fourth studio album Libra Scale in September. Comments Cresto, "Ne-Yo is a dynamic performer who gives 150%, and as we'd worked together before, there was a mutual trust and respect which enabled the project to go that much further." Cresto previously collaborated with Macy's and Ne-Yo for another Alfani Red promotional video that was shown nationwide. Both videos were shot with the RED camera system.

    Watch the video
    More from Alan Cresto

  • 5.27.10

    Alan Cresto's Company Kids Campaign

    Alan Cresto captures the energy and exuberance of children for the Spring/Summer 2010 Company Kids campaign. His images can be seen online and in print. Company Kids Creative Director John Botti comments "I've been working with Alan for years - the quality of his work is wonderful, especially the way he wraps light around his subjects."

    What Cresto likes about kids is that "they'll find something to do with the simplest things - for example, a tug of war with a rope made out of bandannas. Kids have a spark and joy of life to them, a sense of untainted wonder, and that is how I like to portray them."

    Creative Director: John Botti
    Art Director: Janice Arber
    Photography: Alan Cresto
    Styling: Mimi Fisher
    Hair/makeup: Elodie Iddou/Seen Artists
  • 12.4.09

    Alan Cresto Elevates Life with Italian Wines

    Cavit, the number one imported Italian wine brand in the United States and producer of the best-selling Pinot Grigio, was looking to raise awareness and bring its Italian heritage to the forefront. Alan Cresto worked with Agency212 on a new campaign that expresses what Cavit and other Italians have known all along - that life is meant to celebrated!

    Alan shot the print campaign and directed the video, using black and white photography for a classic touch. Tracy Brennan, Executive Creative Director of Agency212, has worked with him on many other assignments and felt his energy was vital in capturing the essence of the brand.

    You can view more of Alan's work here. Print campaigns are shown below.

  • 9.9.09

    Alan Cresto Directs Ne-Yo

    Watch Alan Cresto's video featuring the soul/R&B singer Ne-Yo for the launch of the Alfani Red campaign. Cresto shot the singer in Prague and the spots are currently featured on the jumbotron at Macy's Herald Square and the windows, stores, and internet nationally.

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