• 4.22.15

    Ars Thanea Explores DuPont's Tasty World

    DuPont is a massive international company whose technological and chemical innovations have spread into almost every industry on the planet. They’ve helped bring humans to moon, developed Kevlar to keep people safe, and even keep our paper as white as possible. Their reach is nearly endless, so it should come as no surprise that their advances have touched the world of food. From added vitamins to preservatives to guiding agricultural advancements increasing crop yield, DuPont is making our culinary experiences richer and more efficient.

    For their latest campaign, DuPont wanted to focus on how they’re benefiting the world of food and teamed up with creative studio Ars Thanea to bring the message to the public. Using the slogan “It’s What’s Inside,” Ars Thanea created a series of images that evoke just that: the world inside our foods. Working with Ogilvy & Mather New York, the series features different prepared dishes with “portals,” or doorways, that imply an inner working to these dishes that DuPont is helping to shape.

    In conversation Marcin Kowalski and Aleksandra Watras of Ars Thanea divulge that when they were presented with the concept of the campaign, it was still a seed of an idea. “They had some general ideas and sketches of what it could be,” says Marcin. Dupont has such large work as a brand that they had to cover all sorts of food genres, so it was going to be a broad campaign, and Ars Thanea took on the entire creative challenge.

    Starting with photography, Ars Thanea worked with a food stylist to make sure that each dish would look as good as possible. And with the exception of the dumpling and the chocolate bar, every food item is real. The ham, the cheese, even the bread is real. (Since Ars Thanea is based in Poland where they don’t have a sliced wheat bread tradition, the loaf of bread had to be flown in for the campaign.) The dumpling and chocolate bar were still photographed, but they were models made from plastic and rubber.

    After photography they attacked the “portals,” or the doorways in each dish, using 3D digital compositing. Each image becomes an integration of photography and digital creation with each element created couture for DuPont.

    When asked which ad is their favorite, Marcin and Aleks agree. While others at Ars Thanea love the dumpling or the bread, they both prefer the cheese. Those photographs are the result of shooting multiple images and combining them into one super cheese. “The cheese was combined from three different cheeses,” explains Marcin. The rind, the flesh, and the holes each came from different sources, making the perfect presentation of cheese that they could. And they had to make sure that cheese was just right because, after all, it’s what’s inside.

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