• 8.29.14

    Ars Thanea Brings the Doom and Gloom

    If you’re one of any of the millions of fans of the show Game of Thrones on HBO, you might be trying to find a (safe) way to get closer to the show. Truthfully, Westeros (the fictional setting of the series) is a brutal and unsafe place, so maybe you don’t actually want to be there. But if you want to pretend, CGI masters Ars Thanea have something just for you.

    Despite what some news broadcasters will tell you, the weather is not always the most exciting thing the world, but it’s necessary information. Why not spice it up a little? Ars Thanea did just that by adding Game of Thrones styling and text to a basic weather app to bring that little bit of brutality to an otherwise banal task.

    For the app, Ars Thanea designed a series of weather “icons” to match what’s happening in the sky. Everything is represented from the sun, to storms, to wind. For the style, they took from the iconic steel in The Seven Kingdoms (another name for Westeros). All the icons are carved or shaped out of steel. But like Game of Thrones, they’re a little lived in. Patches of rust speckle the otherwise flawless metals. Like a knight with a bloody sword, their icons show a worn elegance signature to the world of Game of Thrones.

    In addition to the ominous icons, there’s the option to include quotes spoken by characters from the show. These all relate to what’s happening with the weather as well. Phrases like “Dark clouds, gloomy news” and “Fear cuts deeper than swords,” add just the right amount of anxiety that you can’t get from your typical weather app.

    Ars Thanea produced this app in conjunction with HBO to celebrate the release of the fourth Game of Thrones season. As each season goes on, the characters’ futures get more and more bleak. Like a rainy day reflected in rusty steel. "It's always too cold or too hot without hope for a happy ending of the season," Ars Thanea says to explain the bleak look of their visuals. It is an apt statement. The show has become famous for losing scores of their most beloved characters, one right after the other. It's no wonder a fan would look to a stormy sky and find reason in the bleary forecast.

    The app is available for purchase now! Unfortunately, unless you speak Polish, the app may not be for you, since it’s currently only available in Poland.

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