• 6.23.17

    Andrew Rae Travels the Globe (Kinda) with Delta and Tinder

    Where do you want to go but have never been? 

    If you’re like us, your list is as long as your arm, and although you’d love to make every stop around the globe it might not happen soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it! Delta knows that you can’t be everywhere at once, and they’d like to help you get to where you want to go, but in the meantime, they’ll help you pretend you’re there. They teamed up with Andrew Rae, dating app Tinder, and Wieden + Kennedy New York on a huge mural that gave passersby the opportunity to travel all over the world from the safety of their own sidewalk.

    The mural features pictures from Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich, to act as backdrops for anyone wanting to take a selfie so they can pretend they’re in those beautiful locations – and then post them on Tinder (worldly profiles tend to get more attention, don’t you know?). Between the photos are illustrations by Andrew, including instructions on how to use the photos (pose, upload, match!), but also all sorts of different characters taking selfies of themselves – often inspired by the location that the photographs imply. You’ll see a baguette posing for a flick next to the Eiffel Tower, a communist bear by Moscow, and a ripped beach goer getting his photo in with LA’s Randy’s Donuts.

    Andrew’s illustrations remind us a huge truth: there’s always more to a photograph than what’s inside the frame. Sure, at the edges of these frames we learn that the photographed are not actually in those locations. That is true. But there’s also something a little more fun at work: everywhere we go we’re surrounded by characters whether they get close enough to be in our pictures or not. Andrew shows us some of those characters, based on truth or imagination, reminding us how wide and wonderful this world is. And what a blessing it is to travel it. And if we can’t, at least we can do our best to try – or pretend!

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