• 8.1.17

    Andrew Rae Lets Us Laugh at Chaos for New York Times Magazine

    Congress is on vacation and so is the president, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. The last six months have been some of the most dizzying months in modern politics. So much has happened that it’s hard to keep track. Some say that’s on purpose, while others say it’s chaos. But it’s impossible to know. What we can know is all the ways the Washington establishment has changed to follow the comings and goings of Trumplandia. He was sent there by Americans who wanted a different system from what Washington was before he got there. The system is still the same, it just looks a little bit more like Trump than it did when he got there. New York Times Magazine asked Andrew Rae to help them illustrate the complexities of Trump’s Washington for the cover of a recent issue, paired with a story called “This Town Melts Down.” We can’t tell you if Washington is involved in a melt down but we can say that Andrew brought an incredible amount of detail to this fitting, and often good humored, piece.

    Every significant moment from Trump’s presidency appears on the magazine cover playing out on the White House lawn. Tweets fly uncontrolled from the white house. Sean Spicer hides in the bushes. Women (and a man) in a pink knit hat march while Turkish nationals engage in a tussle. Even Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent are there, posing for a selfie. 

    An additional illustartion inside the magazine gives a look inside Trump's DC hotel, a property that has been the focus of much debate. In the White House image, much of what's depicted is violence reaction to Trump and his presidency. Inside the hotel it's calmer, with a cast of characters that are more behind the scenes - Ivanka and Jared, Putin and a bear, even Bannon has found a spot on a couch to chill out and have a drink. And don't miss Sean Hannity posing with Washington insiders.

    Andrew's illustrations are incredibly detailed and complex, but reveal the nature of events that have unfolded in the early days of this presidency, while at the same taking a moment to let us laugh at them. Because, of course, if we can’t laugh at them the other options are far less inspiring.

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