• 2.11.14

    Andrew Bannecker's TV Spots for Starbucks VIA Latte

    Starbucks tapped Andrew Bannecker to illustrate spots for its VIA Latte, following his successful art for the delicious cup of (regular) Starbucks coffee – in an instant. "It's been wonderful working with Andrew," remarked Rachel Frederick, associate creative director at BBDO. "Through the duration of this campaign and regardless of how quickly we needed him to turn something around, Andrew responded with warmth, laughter, and impeccable art. His style and personality have helped to elevate this project to one that we are all very proud of."

    Bannecker noted that the assignment marked his first television commercials: "I've created elements used in various TV advertisements, but I've never drawn an entire TV ad ... and it's exciting to get my feet wet with Starbucks, one of my initial clients. At this point, we've been together all over the world."

    Two of the five ads have launched; the debut piece was tied to a VIA Taste Challenge and the others suggest where and how to enjoy a VIA Latte – "The whole notion of the campaign is you can go on a 'Starbucks run' anytime, and not only if there's a Starbucks nearby," Bannecker explained. He and BBDO storyboard each spot, and he determines the key elements to depict, creates the frames in Adobe Illustrator, and hands them off to Elastic in L.A. to be animated.

    He called the process smooth, adding that after producing content for one or two, he found himself "in the groove. You start to know what you want for the third and fourth spots, so the assets become easier, the flow of work is streamlined, and it's generally more pleasurable." Bannecker is also the hand behind VIA Latte's new print messaging.

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