• 12.11.09

    Andrew Bannecker and Coca-Cola for Hopenhagen

    More news from Copenhagen: The Hopenhagen campaign from Ogilvy continues to blanket the city and other parts of the world as COP15 Climate Change Conference continues. Hopenhagen is "a movement to empower citizens to help create a better future for our planet by working together to combat climate change." Global partners in the Hopenhagen campaign include Coca-Cola, Siemens, and SAP.

    Andrew Bannecker worked on a series of posters for Coca-Cola that are displayed throughout the city as COP 15 is underway. The posters can be seen anywhere from on the sides of bus stations to giant billboards stretched across building facades.

    The posters' themes deal with Coca-Cola's three main initiatives for sustainability: water conservation, recycling, and PlantBottle - a renewable, recyclable, plant-based plastic used in Coca-Cola bottles.

    Comments Bannecker, "It's seems clear that with the current environmental changes facing us, something needs to be done now. I hope that Hopenhagen will be a catalyst."

    Bannecker's Hopenhagen poster greets visitors at the Copenhagen Airport

    Bannecker's work adds cheer to Copenhagen

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