• 5.4.15

    Amanda Marsalis' Incredible Access

    There is a castle is Western England, near the border of Wales, by the name of Eastnor. Just south of Worcester, it is surrounded by lush forest and dirt roads. You can visit these grounds, driving between the trees, overlooking the vistas, and experiencing the environment as long as you can pay the cost of admission. That cost: a Land Rover.

    Eastnor is the location of “The Land Rover Experience” where new Land Rover owners go to learn how to use their cars, and just recently Land Rover invited photographer Amanda Marsalis to the experience to help them show off how amazing these cars are. “You literally drive thought mud that comes up to the windows, you go down hills that you think are impossibly steep to go down and all that stuff,” explains Amanda. They only had one day to squeeze in all these experiences, and they weren’t disappointed. In fact, that one day ended up feeling like more than just one because of how packed it was.

    Like any all day shoot, Amanda and her team arrived before sunrise to start photographing as soon as the light allowed. They saw that beautiful sun rise as it threw its morning light across the English countryside, and then everything began to change. “It started to get really cloudy, then it was pouring rain, then it was flurries for a minute, then it cleared up, then we had a beautiful sunset, then after sunset it started snowing,” says Amanda with a laugh. “And it snowed like eight inches. It was a really crazy day.” All of these different weather patterns afforded Amanda and her team all the different experiences a Land Rover driver can expect facing in their vehicle. And she caught everything. From the water filled mud divots, to the beautiful golden light streaming through the windshield. The assault of weather patterns extended their single day shoot, making it feel like an impossible array of experiences, condensed into one.

    Its days like this that makes being a photographer so rewarding for Amanda. “A great joy of being a photographer is getting access to things people wouldn’t normally get to do,” Amanda explains. “At the end of the day I wanted to buy a Land Rover,” she says laughing. Amanda’s job this time allowed her onto a literal path that she wouldn’t otherwise get to tread, and she does it for us. She goes on these adventures to show us what they’re like so that we may make the decision to bring those adventures into our own lives.

    Agency: Brooklyn Brothers
    Art Director: Esin Cittone 

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