• 9.9.13

    Am I Collective Charts the History of the Wallet for MTN

    Am I Collective and MetropolitanRepublic partnered on a TV commercial for MTN, a multinational mobile telecommunications company based in South Africa. The spot traces the evolution of the wallet from a pouch and string in 1692 to its present day purse-size proportions. "But here's the thing," the narrator notes, "now that your SIM card can replace all other cards, you can put the wallet into the mobile phone, where you can keep more cash, cards, and contacts than the humble wallet ever could."

    Director Ruan Vermeulen described AIC's process: "We start off by putting our concept into a story board and we reference different animation techniques to explain what we want to happen in each frame and how the object could possibly move ... once the animation portion starts, we work with all of the animators under one roof to ensure all aspects of the project get the attention they need. It also helps to be in constant communication will every single animator ... every member of the team feels part of the project from the beginning to the end."

    AIC used a combination of live action, stop-frame, and 3D animation to create a seamless journey. "What we love about the commercial is that it involved all elements from the Am I stable: directing, design, illustration, and a lot of problem-solving," assistant producer Chantal de Kock said, revealing another ad for MTN is in the pipeline. 

    Client: MTN Corporate
    Production Company: Am I Collective Cape Town
    Director: Ruan Vermeulen
    Producer: Arnelle Woker
    Assistant producer: Chantal de Kock
    Managing director: Mark van Niekerk
    Animation: Killer Robot VFX
    Props: SBB Fabrication
    Stop-frame supervisor: Lindsay van Blerk at XYZOO
    Stop-frame camera rigger/operator: Heiko Von Fintel at EYE ON LOCATION 
    Production: IKRAAL

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