• 7.1.11

    Alan Cresto Directs Krista's "Hypnotized"

    Alan Cresto makes his music video directorial debut with"Hypnotized," by up-and-coming singer/songwriter Krista. The song is the first single from Krista's follow-up to her debut album "Taking Back Brooklyn." Cresto was approached by one of Krista's managers at Vel Records to film the video.

    The concept was to combine an exploration of how the world is so connected through media and technology with the style of viral YouTube videos, all in an upbeat dance video. The shoot took place over the course of two days in New York City. Cresto shot with a skeleton crew with Canon 5 and 7D cameras. The concert venue Canal Room gave permission for Krista to perform live at one of their late Saturday night shows. Thus, Cresto had just one opportunity to get the shot right and so he set up five cameras to capture the performance from all angles. The rowdy crowd added to Cresto's challenges. They continued shooting for a few hours later that night on the subway.

    "Hypnotized" was recently AOL's Video of the Day.

    See more of Alan Cresto's photography here.

    Director: Alan Cresto
    Director of Photography: Chris Bierlein
    Editor: Frank Macias
    Artist: Krista

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