• 8.26.15

    Adding a Human Touch with Jason Madara and Glidden

    When Jason Madara got the call from DDB to shoot a campaign for Glidden Paint, the edict was simple: photograph beautiful, lived in rooms painted in Glidden color.

    Jason’s experience shooting with clients like ABC Carpet & Home has made him a master of setting a scene so that it’s compelling, injecting life into what could otherwise be expanses of emptiness. Whether it’s gigantic carpets, or in this case, large walls, what might look like negative space to another photographer becomes a canvas of potential in Jason’s hands. “The first thing we needed to do was add dimension and shape. It needed to be three dimensional,” explains Jason. His initial step was to do as much research and collect as much reference material as possible so that he and Creative Director Niko Coutroulis were placing the aesthetic dialogue in context and speaking the same language. Then, working closely with set designer Shawn Anderson, they created a series of compositions that celebrated the future life of the spaces these paints would frame.

    Jason, Niko, and Shawn used their own tastes as the benchmark, creating environments that they wanted to inhabit. They investigated how to add humanity to seemingly blank walls. “Humanity was a huge reference,” Jason explains.  The stark nature of each image meant that every tiny element was painstakingly chosen to ensure it was a perfect fit. From the texture of a couch to the exact placement of a set of keys, each added prop and angle of crown molding was intrinsically valuable to the final composition and deserved unwavering attention and consideration - at least in its placement. But, every element needed to enhance the images and not distract from the emphasis of the advertisement: showing off the paint. “The art really is the paint. We kept pulling back to ensure the paint was the hero while adding humanity and a feeling that someone really lives in these spaces.” The focus was that balance, tested constantly by Jason and his team. “I wanted to walk into any of these rooms and feel like it’s a very peaceful, serene, beautiful environment and I could live there,” he says.

    By taking interest in each piece of the full collaboration, Jason was able to make sure that every piece sang from inception through the final images, and the intense focus paid off: “Glidden loved everything,” Jason says. Every element's perfect place made for just the right tone in a very human execution.

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