• 11.8.11

    Adam Hayes and Andrew Bannecker for Nike VCXC

    Adam Hayes and Andrew Bannecker collaborate with Nike on their new VCXC space in The Bronx, New York. Located across from the Van Cortlandt Park Cross Country Track, the space is devoted to runners and features custom tees, interactive displays, and running gear. VCXC honors the park's cross-country heritage and promises to be a community gathering space for local runners. Nike opened similar sports-specific stores in Chicago and California.

    Hayes designed branding and map illustrations that decorate the interior and exterior walls of the space. He sketched several potential logo designs before Nike settled on his hand-drawn crest design. Hayes says of the crest, "The playful typography with the silhouetted and iconic tortoise and hare mascots retain the youthfulness and high energy of this sports event." He adds that he's extremely happy with how his logo has been used.

    Bannecker also created a branded logo for the space as well as playful illustrations that reflect his own style. He combined the head and shell of the tortoise and the hare for one logo and in another, simply had the hare jumping over the VCXC logo. Bannecker's illustrations are interspersed with Hayes inside and outside the space.

    The Nike VCXC space will remain open until the end of cross-country season in December.

    See more of Adam Hayes' illustration work here.

    See more of Andrew Bannecker's illustration work here.

    [caption id="attachment_7842" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="Adam Hayes"][/caption]

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