• 11.18.10

    Abbey Drucker and Karen Schijman Celebrate the Holidays with Stila Cosmetics

    Stila cosmetics celebrates the holidays with a new color wheel eye shadow palette and lip glaze collection. Abbey Drucker and Karen Schijman collaborate with Seesaw to help Stila showcase their signature looks with an advertising campaign in W magazine. Can't get enough of Stila? Download the special app that demonstrates all of the various beauty options with Stila products.
    The full-page Stila ad:

    Behind the scenes:

    Client: Stila Cosmetics
    Agency: Seesaw
    Campaign: Holiday 2011
    Creative Director: Randy Herbertson
    Stylist: Karen Schijman
    Model: Amanda Ganz at NYM2
    Photography: Abbey Drucker

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