• 7.22.13

    A Dip in Vasava's 'Poool'

    Participants in Barcelona's recent OFFF design festival went home with free copies of the Poool – "A MAGAZINE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO HAVE BUT NOBODY DARED TO DO," according to the event's caps lock-happy website. Communication studio Vasava put together the packaging, a cover, dysfunctional typography, and an eight-page-long photo-essay for the edition.

    "Our inspiration for the essay came from seventeenth-century Dutch still lifes," Vasava's Enric Godes explained. "We intended to set the futility of life's pleasures against the certainty of death, encouraging the adoption of a depressing worldview. Every scene, using a contemporary perspective, depicts some of mankind's biggest issues: false idols, good and evil, war, hope, utopias, and a sense of understanding. Instead of using classic and more obvious visual references, like skulls or dried flowers, we wanted to give it a twist, employing a more modern language."

    Photography: Leila Méndez

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