• 6.6.14

    747CGI Made Your Dream Home for You

    Thinking about repainting your house, or designing your dream home? Now’s your chance. 747CGI teamed up with Benjamin Moore and The Martin Agency on a lifestyle questionnaire that results in the creation of a dream home. Answer a few questions, “Who would you invite to dinner?” “Do you prefer the mountains or the beach?” and minutes later you’re looking at a photograph of your dream kitchen (it’s kind of scary how accurate it is). The only thing is, it’s not a photograph at all. Everything you’re looking at was generated digitally by the artists at 747CGI.

    Under an incredibly tight schedule, the whole team at 747 rallied to make 32 completely customizable environments that, in combination, would appeal to anyone. And by “completely customizable” we mean completely customizable. Choose how big your family is, whether you want a cat or a dog (probably a cat, right?), and whether you’d prefer to work out or go to the movies – it’s totally up to you.

    Are you a gym rat? You’ll find a yoga mat in your living room. Cat person? There’s a cat scratcher next to the couch. All surrounded by either your favorite color that you’ve chosen, or something that Benjamin Moore has picked for you.

    These rooms all look like photographs, so why bother with CGI? Lynn Sutliff from 747CGI explains that with CGI, “you can create your dream location. You can make it exactly how the agency wants it… you can have anything in the location that you want.” The possibilities are literally endless, “it can be a fantasy location that doesn’t even exist.”

    The problem would normally be infinite variance. Every window means a new light source that has to be accounted for, each object casts a different shadow that bounces off matte and glossy surfaces in different ways. Variations that mean tracking light, bounce, shadows, and spread. An insurmountable problem. Unless you’re 747CGI. 

    Mary Otañez, from The Martin Agency, describes 747CGI, “They are masters of light in their field and we knew we had to work with them.”

    It wasn’t a small feat, Lynn says, because everything behaves differently. “Matte colors, and glossy colors, and the reflections, and shadows all had to be created differently. That’s the biggest challenge: making sure that everything, all the little bits, were in the right place and looking proper.” A challenge but not a problem.

    Take the test yourself, find your dream room, and forget you’re looking at something that was created in a computer.

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