• 1.9.15

    747CGI Goes Out of this World for Jan Kath

    We’re used to seeing art on the wall. In museums, in homes, even in corporate hallways. But sometimes art pops up in the most unexpected places. A desk toy can communicate a surprising message, some well shaped neon can tell a unique story, and a very special rug can transport. Carpet designer Jan Kath is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to carpet design. Drawing inspiration from traditional designs and using iconic techniques, Jan Kath has changed the way many look at what rugs can do.

    Jan Kath’s latest collection, “Spacecrafted,” brings abstractions of galaxies and star systems to the floor of the design conscious. When 747CGI was contracted to help Jan Kath spread the word, they looked up to the to sky to communicate their message. “The name “Spacecrafted“ said everything,” says Christian Kaffka from 747CGI. So, the creative solution presented itself: “Travel to the moon.” The team at 747CGI opted to bring the rugs to their natural habitat, the environment that they reflect, so they started building them piece by piece.

    To get CGI right, like 747CGI does, requires a significant amount of time from large groups of people. Each piece of every composition has to be carefully considered far in advanced before any work really begins. Unlike a painting, each component is created as an individual construction that exists on its own in a digital, three-dimensional space. For example, the lunar vehicles that 747CGI employed for this campaign are the result of extensive research from untold source images, and technical research. For any other type of artist, these incredibly complex machines could be faked, or drawn in shorthand as they fade into a two dimensional background. But 747CGI had two artists dedicated to creating these independent elements, developed over time with incredible depth. They then composited these pieces into photographs captured with a model astronaut. Finally, textures and lighting tied everything together creating the final images that 747CGI delivered.

    Check out the full compositions here, on their Facebook page, or in any number of design magazines this season.

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