• 10.1.13

    3D Agency's Smashing Image for Nike

    3D Agency and Nike teamed up for an in-store promotional image featuring L.A. Clippers power forward Blake Griffin.  

    "The original concept was to highlight Griffin's power and speed, showing him jumping over and smashing through a mass of porcelain basketball players," explained 3DA producer John Moffett. "We were provided with photographic references of players either jumping to block a shot or jostling for a position to get in for a block; we were really keen to make it look as though all of the players were interacting with each other, as well as with Griffin."

    Moffett and his crew sculpted the players in ZBrush and created hair and facial variations to end up with a cast of 50 fighting for the ball. "We revisited the smashing idea and decided to go with cracks to illustrate Griffin shattering his opposition," Moffett said. 3DA used Maya to position and run dynamic simulations, Mental Ray for rendering, Nuke for compositing, and Photoshop to retouch. Nike supplied the photograph of Griffin.

    The Clipper's endorsed range of Nike goods includes Jordan Super.Fly 2 shoes, Jordan Fragmented Elephant shorts, the Air Jordan Dri-FIT crew, the Jordan Super Flight backpack, the Jordan Legend basketball, and the Jordan Dominate wristband.

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