Yok & Sheryo

Mural Art
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Originally from Australia and Singapore, Yok & Sheryo lead a nomadic life painting around the world and looking for surf these days. Beginning with painting on the streets, Yok & Sheryo soon shifted to sculpture, ceramics, moving images and large-scale installations of an immersive and site-specific nature that work to engage audiences. 

They spent their formative years split between New York and South East Asia working as a duo, being inspired by South East Asian culture, music, surfing and skateboarding, thereby developing their distinctive style of work. 

Singapore-born artist, Sheryo officially lives in New York, but she spends most of her time exhibiting or painting walls overseas. Traveling around the world and visiting different countries, like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia or UAE, she finds her motivation and inspiration for further work. Living her own adventure, Sheryo successfully subsists in predominantly men’s world of graffiti art. Her influences range from the tattoos to cartoons she watched as a child, so her art is fool of jovial and gnarly characters taken from the pop imagery, like pizza slices smoking cigarettes or skateboard-riding hot-dogs. She was named as one of the Top 10 Street Artist to Watch in 2013.

Yok is an Australian born artist who grew up fuelled by Ren and Stimpy cartoons and skateboarding graphics which had a heavy influence on his style.

After studying a bachelor of arts degree at Curtin University from 1997 - 1999, Yok had a yearning to see and do more elsewhere which saw him spend time and exhibit in places like Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo and London.

The Yok has been invited to many street art festivals around the world, most notable Miami Art Basel 2014 and 2015. In collaboration with Sheryo the Duo has had 2 successful shows at Krause Gallery, New York.

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