Mural Art
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Integrating his signature explosive color tone and mood, Fivust’s distinct style carries a fun element of surprise, whether on the streets, in galleries, or beyond.
Fivust admires a human alter ego’s spectrum of possibility and flexibility in creating his works. For him, it is fascinating that each being has its own alter ego that can be expressed in so many ways and develops into something that grows with them over time. 

Colliding his style with the subject, Fivust presents a new kind of  interpretation. Through his playful choice, his works inflict child-like nostalgia and memories for the viewers. Fivust pays homage to the usual, boring, and mundane routine by giving it some spice, fun, and playfulness. He gives it life, as it should have.
Using various colors, shapes, lines, and crazy ideas in developing his characters and style on many media and with multiple tools – Fivust works with unstoppable liveliness.

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