Mural Art
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Ewok is a California based muralist, graffiti artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. Born in Memphis and raised in Milwaukee, he relocated to Minneapolis in 1991. There he received a BFA from University of Minnesota Twin Cities and began his 30+ year graffiti career. Ewok is a founding member of Midwest graffiti crew HM (Heavy Metal), and has also been part of the world renowned crews AWR (Art Work Rebels) and MSK (Mad Society Kings) for over two decades.

Ewok developed a highly rendered and organic approach to lettering early in his career, which elevated his graffiti to a new level. He builds each piece like an oil painting by sculpting and texturing, and often works in monochromatic colour schemes. In recent years, Ewok has embraced a broad range of colors. His latest work returns to classic, brightly colored New York-inspired letter structure and cartoon characters. 

In addition to his mural and graffiti work, Ewok is a graphic designer and illustrator. His clients include fashion brands RVCA, Reebok, and The Seventh Letter. To continue his artistic exploration, he also creates abstract paintings on paper. 

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