David Flores

Mural Art
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Born into it, David Flores was introduced to oil painting by his mother at the age of 7. Since then, David enjoys creating art as a muralist, painter and designer. Where his work translate from walls and canvas to large sculpture and product design. He does not note the difference since all it takes is to create. David is best known for his instantly recognizable mosaic or segmented style, which formed organically after years of creating skate graphics. By 18 he was Internationally published and creating logos that are still heavily used in the skate industry today.

Flores has an unrelenting need to constantly be creating. His images are often famous iconic portraits and Americana. He enjoys participating with a variety of companies to perform his work. Some of these opportunities have led to great collaborations with Barney’s New York, Disney, Oakley, The Olympic Games, Medicom, Stussy, Nike, The Los Angeles Dodgers, The New York Racing  Association, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Equinox, The Mexican Consulate.

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