Chris Wyrick

Mural Art
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Chris Wyrick is a painter from Charleston, SC.  He studied classics, geology, religion and painting at St. John’s College, NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and at Davidson College.  He worked as an apprentice to painter Jack Beal in New York City and studied at the New York Academy of Art before receiving his MFA in drawing and painting from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. He relocated his studio to Los Angeles in 2011.​Wyrick works in a wide variety of media and his artwork draws inspiration from many sources. 

Recurring themes in his work are transformation and duality - the polarities in our world that both divide us and unite us.  His paintings are often based in natural forms, though he also works with images from photography and film. He embraces the dialectic of collaboration in the creative process and welcomes the opportunity to partner with other artists and designers.

In addition to working with more traditional drawing and painting media, Wyrick has invented a medium of drawing with checkerboard.  He started drawing this way as a teenager as a mechanism to focus during classes in prep school, but it has grown over the years into a more politically charged means of expression. “The black and white of checkerboard is a divided line - a broken vocabulary - that I use to explore the shared and often divisive symbols and icons in our world.”

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