Paola + Murray

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When Paola Ambrosi De Magistris and Murray Hall met in 2010 it was love at first sight. The two photographers quickly compared their work, each of them individually building separate careers, but saw so much overlap that they knew they would either work together or compete against each other for the rest of their lives. They decided to become a team and almost seven years later have never looked back.

Coming from hugely different backgrounds - Paola hails from Rome, where she found her way to photography after a career in advertising, and Murray is from Sydney where he dropped out of graphic design school to pursue photography at the urging of a professor – it took a little time at the beginning to figure out the perfect workflow, but since those first couple projects they’ve been perfectly in sync.

Paola + Murray’s work with clients like Condé Nast Traveler (including multiple covers), GQ, Food and Wine, Virgin Australia Voyeur, and Australian Financial Review, takes them all over the world, exploring rich cultures and highlighting the unique people they find in every corner of the globe. They strive to see things differently, making a name for themselves by revealing the beauty in the overlooked. They show us what we’re missing, what’s behind the postcard: weather beaten and wind ripped prayer flags in Tibet, Sicilian homes pushed into hills like clay, a lattice of searing sun and shadow in Oman. These are not the images you’re used to seeing, but they’re the experiences we need to understand.

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