Sarah Coleman

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Sarah’s work is shot through with a vivid inky thread of conversational energy, detail and movement, whether or not words are part of the image.

Organic and idiosyncratic, it’s inspired by the penmanship of a more elegant era, but with a muscular grasp of experimentation and a healthy distrust of the rules.

Ink runs through her veins and generally lands on paper, but she embraces pixel-only creations, live art, big walls and even bigger breezeblock murals through to the minutiae of cross-hatching, logo design, sculpture, embroidery, built objects, and wearable pieces.

Sarah’s spent a lifetime immersed in words, a veteran all-rounder with over 800 book projects to her name. She spends her days illustrating, blogging, reading manuscripts, talking in schools and colleges, and in an ongoing series of extra-curricular ventures, including a busy shop, a radio station, chocolate enterprise, vinyl accessories company, gallery, film-making, a record label and a stationery company.

And following a not-so-secret past on the pirate airwaves, she’s currently a monthly contributor to BBC Radio. 

When I'm not doing all that, you can find her throwing iron around in the gym, greedily taking in ghost stories or looking after her fleet of unusual Japanese cars.  

Clients include Apple, Adobe, AT&T, Playboy, Coca Cola, New York Times, Royal Mail, LA Times, Macy’s, Starbucks, Target, Disney, Crayola, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Crabtree & Evelyn, Saatchi & Saatchi, Folio Society, The Natural History Museum and all major US and UK publishing houses.

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