The Invincible Legacy of Serena WIlliams

In the weeks leading up to the US Open all eyes were on Serena Williams, remembering her celebrated record. As a part of it, Gatorade teamed up with Vault49 to create a mural that supported their initiative to remind people of Serena’s history and get them ready for her competitive performance. “To celebrate Serena’s 21 major victories, we worked together to create 21 unique pieces of art, each one celebrating a specific major victory,” says Vault49. “Every piece has its own individual look and is representative of each specific tournament moment.” These different pieces were combined into a single composition called “Serena 21” and painted on a huge wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and painted over a number of days. Vault49 employed styles that best told the stories of each of her most significant wins, creating a history not just of her career so far, but also of artistic styles. Each moment is placed in a type of aesthetic context to better understand her journey. The mural was paired with an inspirational TV advertising spot that showed off Serena’s history and reminded viewers to “Win from Within.”

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