The brand tagline of Raid gets straight to the point: ‘Kills Bugs Dead’. Vault49 took this direct approach to heart when asked to communicate the effectiveness of Raid’s flagship spray which ‘Kills 7x Faster’ than the leading competitor. We created artwork out of 60,000 dead roaches.

We left no petri dish unturned in our quest to find out more about the bug we all love to hate, and several meetings with Raid entomologists provided us with all we needed to begin.

We created three artworks as part of the ‘Kills 7x Faster’ campaign, each with a focus on the efficiency with which Raid insecticide kills bugs. Death travels at speed in our representations, with the Grim Reaper enjoying a ride on his Harley, jet plane, and hot rod in the different scenarios. Each artwork contained 20,000 (twenty thousand) roaches, which were individually glued to canvas over several days.

The finished art was exhibited at several high-traffic locations, and as part of a digital campaign which was featured as Adweek’s ‘Ad of the Day’.

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