GE was undertaking groundbreaking work in the field of neuroscience, and it was an exciting challenge for Vault49 to bring brain activity to life in a creative way. The collective’s six unique artworks aimed to break through dry academia and grab the attention of the public in ways that they could immediately relate to.

 GE approached Vault49 with a brief to bring the ground breaking, yet abstract work they were doing to support advances in the field of neuroscience to vivid life. They wanted something with cut-through and relevance to ordinary, everyday members of the public.  Something that they could relate to and be inspired by.

Six scientists from GE were interviewed and asked how the brain reacts differently when exposed to various challenges as well as when under the influence of different emotional states. What does the human brain look like when it’s in love? What does the human brain look like when it’s composing music? What does the brain of an optimist look like? What does the brain of an introvert look like?

Inspired by their responses Vault49’s artists created 6 pieces of unique content and it was such a success that they are currently developing a new wave of brand videos.

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