Case Study - Grind

Building a morning mug of coffee is like building a cocktail and no one knows this better than Grind Espresso Spirit, an espresso based liqueur. Grind has been winning awards for decades but recently came to Vault 49 to help them rethink their identity. “Re-position and re-design Grind to make it more relevant to consumers today." Vault 49 invited Grind to their studio and involved them in the creative process. “Exciting and unpredictable creative processes are often hidden from clients by agencies who are concerned either that they are weak in this area, or that the practice is too unpredictable,” explains Vault 49. “By laying our process bare we were able to achieve such excitement and senior client buy-in for the re-launch that it made the rest of the design process and sign-off a relative breeze.  Our client saw the potential, and as a result also drove Vault 49 to deliver bigger and better.” Vault 49 got Grind on their side from the quick, and the rest became a creative torrent.

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