The Sky is a Gap

The Sky is a Gap is an interactive social VR installation conceived by Rachel Rossin that explores confined disasters and pyroclastic explosions through physically mapped space and time. Spatial tracking places two viewers along the timeline of an event – a timeline they control, moving forward, backward, or freezing time with their bodies.

Rachel Rossin, a noted new media artist, approached Sensorium to produce the experience after her proof-of-concept was accepted into the 2017 Sundance New Frontier program. Over the course of two months, Sensorium recruited and managed a talented team of developers and artists to realize the project and oversee its installation in Park City. 

Since premiering to great acclaim at Sundance New Frontier, the Sky is a Gap was then exhibited at the K11 Art Foundation in Shanghai and the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki. Sensorium continues to oversee the production of new iterations of this unique piece of art for galleries and institutions while also continuing to develop new projects with Rachel Rossin.

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