Experiential / Immersive Tech
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Sensorium is an experiential studio working at the intersection of art, commerce, and new media. Our interdisciplinary process is grounded in emerging technologies and the ability to integrate ideas across a wide spectrum of mediums. We are especially committed to collaborations that push the boundaries of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive activations.

At Sensorium, we leverage concepts to new imaginative and communicative potentials. We also enable directors, designers, and artists of any ilk to expand their creative vision and practice. Sensorium is collaborative to its core. Through innovative storytelling techniques and captivating visuals, our work finds ways to reach and active larger audiences. 

Co-founders Matthew Niederhauser and John Fitzgerald also focus on a number of personal projects investigating urbanism, cyborgism, and social activism through partnerships with the MIT Media Lab, Cyborg Foundation, and Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Matthew and John are visiting scholars at the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism, visiting artists at the MIT Center for Arts, Science, and Technology, and former members of NEW INC, the New Museum's incubator in New York.

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