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Vault49 is an internationally award-winning design studio with a worldwide practice and reputation for creating world-class CGI, illustration, typography, photography, and motion graphics.

It began as the collective name of two street artists in London: Jonathan Kenyon and John Glasgow would design during the day, screen print in the evening, then "decorate" the streets of London's East End throughout the midnight hours. On one occasion, they covered the entire facade of a derelict building on Old Street top to bottom with wheat-pasted screen prints. As luck would have it, the building was actually the well-disguised offices of Dazed & Confused magazine. A six-month exhibition in their gallery and three magazine features followed, and the momentum began.

Vault49 works across a variety of materials and media to provide a full complement of design services, from initial concepts through to design implementation and production. Its extensive portfolio is characterized by a focus on craftsmanship combined with a premium digital skill set that rewards repeat visits with new discoveries and an appreciation for their attention to detail.

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