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     Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail.

    The Selby began in June 2008 as a website,  www.theselby.com, where Todd posted photo shoots he did of his friends in their homes. Requests quickly began coming in daily from viewers all over the world who wanted their homes to be featured on the site. The Selby’s website became so influencial —with up to 95,000 unique visitors daily—that within months, top companies from around the world began asking to collaborate.

    These joint projects have included collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Hennessy, FENDI, a large ad campaign and web project with Nike 6.0,  a solo show at colette, an international ad campaign for Habitat, work for the New York Times T Magazine, and frequent contributions to Vogue Paris and Architectural Digest France.

    Todd’s first book, The Selby is In Your Place , was released in May 2010 by Abrams followed by his 2nd book The Edible Selby released in 2012, in collaboration with NYTimes T Magazine in which he photographs the most creative and interesting people in food around the world. The third book in the ‘Selby’ series, Fashionable Selby, will be released in March 2014 and will explore the kaleidoscopic world of fashion, featuring profiles of today’s most interesting designers, stylists, haberdashers, models, shoemakers, and more.

    Before working on this project full time Todd worked as a translator and Tijuana tour guide to the International Brotherhood of Machinists, a researcher into the California strawberry industry, a Costa Rican cartographer, a consultant on political corruption to a Mexican Senator, an art director at a venture capital firm, an exotic flower wholesaler, a Japanese clothing designer, and a vermicomposting entrepreneur.

    Todd currently lives in New York City. His pastimes include eating four square meals a day, tying his shoes, planning vacations, breaking his computers, and working on his tan.

    American Express, Another Magazine, Anomaly, Architectural Digest, ASOS, BBH, British Vogue, Cole Haan, Converse, Dazed & Confused, Dwell, Fallon, Fendi, French Vogue, GQ, Habitat, Harper's Bazaar, Hennessy, Hogan, JWT, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Microsoft, Mother, MTV, Newsweek, New York Magazine, New York, New York Times Magazine, Nike, Nordstrom, Ogilvy & Mather, Peterson Milla Hooks, Times Magazine, Side Lee, Slow Wear, Sony, Sprint, Sunsilk, T Magazine, TBWA/Chiat/Day, V, Vogue, Urban Outfitters, W, Wieden & Kennedy

    • @ireneneuwirth has an excellent posse and a huggable pup 💕 @gillianjacobs
@januaryjones  shot for @elledecor  @whowhatwhit
    • 😜ten year anniversary of The Selby blog! Here’s a shot of Instagram celebrity cake @flourshop and Williamsburg hero @gauchedamned photo by @jstaylor_
    • Ten years ago today I posted my first shoot to my blog “The Selby”. I was always interested in meeting eccentric and colorful people and visiting them in their homes. At the time magazines were focused on minimalism and showing perfect spaces without any signs of human life. I posted this shoot of William Eadon and he filled out a hand written Q & A. It’s been an amazing ride.
    • I took this photo a few days ago of my friend Scott in the airport. Scott was having an ice cream cone for breakfast. He was an amazing guy. I looked up to him. So smart, loyal and strong. I found out yesterday that we lost him to opioids. We will miss you Scott. I just want to say to anyone reading this that you are loved.
    • Morning workout with my special friends @rosenbergthedog and @topherbrophy “It’s easier then you think”
    • For all you Memphis freaks out there and lovers of @petershire 🏃‍♀️ to Theselby.com to see photos of his 🏠 and his whole shebang. 📸😘
    • I made a guest appearance on your favorite food Instagram blog video content thing! @infatuation check my Reddi 🐓 story from today in my bio. #brentwood #allgoodinbrentwood
    • 🐢 collab with @gcut_official for their summer collection that was based on a 🌴 theme and my illustrations 🎨 were used on piles of sweet clothes #korealove  #gcutxtheselby #selbysjungletravel
    • Legendary artist @rostarrnyc 👨‍🎨 🎨 teaches me all about the perfect stroke in my new Selby Cribs @instagram Instastory series. Check our part 1☝️and come back for more over the next few days. Who should be my next Selby Cribs subject?! #selbycribs #shotoniphone
    • The Selby is coming to Portland and looking for your suggestions! We are looking to shoot subjects in the Portland area for an upcoming show at the @wiedenkennedy gallery space. We are hoping to shoot a wide range of ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, vibes, occupations, workspaces, cultures, small businesses, homes etc. Please keep in mind that the spaces associated to the possible subjects should be colorful, and filled with unique quirk and personal style! I am down to shoot your favorite artisanal homebrew cheese maker,  a secret underwater dance troupe, your cousin’s hidden puppet workshop, an underground meet up of Harley riding Mahjong enthusiasts, a treehouse filled with live pandas, the more motley the people and the space the better. You get it yah! If you or someone you know would like to be considered please email photos of the people and their space to theselbystudio@gmail.com. Submissions without photos are not super helpful so please try to hook us up with at least a couple photos.  We would super appreciate it!! ❤️
    • 💫⚡️Contest Closed!!⚡️💫 We’re giving away 3 boxes of @hazzyslive x The Selby products filled with surprise goodies! To enter the contest: Tag 2 friends you’d want to visit the amazing city of Seoul with and make sure you are all following @theselby! 3 winners will be picked Friday May 18 at 12pm PST. Tag away!!
    • Swipe to peep our sweet schwag! 🦄 @hazzyslive got in touch with me to make illustrations for their new collection “The Selby Visits London with Hazzys”. They put illustrations on so much stuff even luggage 🔥 and Selby golf wear for your pet corgi! ⛳️🏌️‍♀️🐶❤️💯
    • Photographing Tom Wolfe was one of the key moments in my life. Thanks for your generosity. You will be missed.
    • 🌈Contest now closed thanks for playing!!! Tag in two friends and name as many of the creatures/items in this image as you can in consecutive, seperate comments and be entered to win a journal and notecard set!! Winner will be picked Friday May 11 at 12pm PST!🌈
    • ✨I’m excited to share my first line of paper products available now! The Selby’s Book of Wonders is a trapper keeper style journal covered in my illustrations and of course includes stickers too. The Selby’s Box of Wonders includes 12 colorful cards and envelopes to send to your 12 besties! Guess what it also comes with stickers! (link to buy products in bio)✨
    • This Mother's Day, we are selling Selby photos, illustrations, books and stationery with 100% Proceeds going to @everymomcounts, an organization that educates the public about maternal health, engages individuals to advocate for the well-being of mothers, and invests in community-led programs to improve access to essential maternity care. Link in bio to buy the products!! ❤️#everymothercounts
    • I was commissioned to do some watercolor wall art for the new Mother LA office. "What objects remind you of your mom?” was the question we asked everyone who works there and here were the answers I used to inspire the illustrations on the wall. ✨Contest Closed✨Comment on this post what object reminds you of your mom for a chance to win our new Box of Wonders Card Set!

My mom used to kiss a piece of toilet paper with her lipstick and give it to me before she dropped me off at the baby sitters when I was 4. I was scared AF of my babysitter and the other kids were mean AF to me, so I'd keep the toilet paper in my pocket and pull it out when I got scared or someone was mean to me and think of my mom to bring comfort. @shalom2you

Cool Ranch Dorito chips. My Mom would always buy these when she use to take me to the beach as a kid. @rmattgarcia 
My Mum bought second hand handbags, somehow really cheaply but it meant she had hooks around the house with 3-4 on. @mrjoestaples 
My mom and dad own two nail salons in Muskogee, OK. When my 3 brothers and I were kids growing up, she used to practice on us and do our nails. The smell of nail polish/acetone always reminds me of the childhood free manicures. @stronghoang 
A golden Christian cross she always has around her neck. For me it represents her kindness, compassion, her service to others, as well as her huge role in our local church and community. It typifies my mum, regardless of the religious connotations. @makingwaves84

High Heels. I have this one memory of her while we were on vacation in Nicaragua, we went to watch the running of the bulls. Where they literally let bulls go in the streets and have people run away from them - for fun. We were standing on this platform, looking down on the street where they were running, and a bull came up where we were. She ran faster than I've ever seen before, grabbing me by one hand, and carrying my 6 year old chubby sister with the other arm. All in like 5 inch high heels. @cleliaj

Lipstick - she never left home without her lips on @joyofmylife

Tiny decorative spoons. She'd buy them wherever we traveled. William Tran

She collects mermaids. Taylor Black
    • Living Legend Peter Shire with 🐢 me 🎨🔥💯🌈
    • @mirandakerr knows how to shake it shake it 💃👑🍼
    • 🏎 🔥What noise do you make while rocking your blender?! @mirandakerr and I say “Vroom Vroom”🔥🏎
    • Have you ever waited nine months for something?! What did you do? @mirandakerr cloned a baby wooly mammoth, carved a lot of soap bunnies🐰🐰and BBQ’ed a forest full of fruit🍡🍓 🍌 (link to photos and film for @voguemagazine in bio)
    • @voguemagazine "Waiting Games" starring @mirandakerr
Directed and Shot by @theselby
Fashion Editor @gurvial  Producer @camillaferenczi
Props and Set Design @stillsets @tamasinreid @fisimplyfi
Editors @thegattos @kathygatto
1st Assistant Camera @shutterpunk1
Sound Mixer @killerpengwin
Production Coordinator @lionelsam
    • "Feel the fear but do it anyway" @carolineissa 💪🔥👊
    • Someone who loves color more than me?! @carolineissa 😍💯🌈
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