• 11.22.13

    Joe Pugliese Shares Outtakes From Justin Bieber's Hollywood Reporter Shoot

    The Hollywood Reporter enlisted Joe Pugliese to shoot Justin Bieber and his longtime manager Scooter Braun for the pop star's first in-depth interview in nine months.  

    "Justin was super-easy on set – he's an obvious veteran at 20 years old," Pugliese remarked. Despite the amount of Bieber pics out there, "I didn't do that much image research," Pugliese said. "As with most of my work, I'd rather it be organic and base the direction on the energy that day, instead of going in with something preconceived. I ended up capturing a lot of pensive moments."

    For the cover, THR selected a portrait of Bieber and Braun. "I saw that Scooter works non-stop – there's no 'go to the office, then go home.' He's 100 percent with his clients and when we were setting up, he was tracking where Justin was ... so for some of the joint pictures, I have him on his phone because the two are in constant contact," Pugliese explained. "Another idea I played with was the jumping. I wanted to show Scooter staying cool while his client does his thing in front of the camera. It certainly illustrates the contrast in their personalities; however, they are very close ... he gets Justin in a way that makes Justin comfortable."  

    At one point, the team stepped into an alley near Siren Studios for a few frames, expecting to be mobbed by paparazzi within minutes. Surprisingly, "no one found Justin except a 10-year-old girl driving by with her mom," the photographer recounted. "He gave her an autograph and they were on their way."

    "It sometimes seems like the bigger the star, the easier the day," Pugliese added. "Justin was professional and knew what we were after, and was a generous subject. He was also involved – he kept coming to the computer to see what we were shooting and he gave me feedback as I gave him my feedback. It was really collaborative."

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