• 7.27.17 Things Get Strange for Stephen Wilkes and Netflix

    There’s something strange happening in Hawkins, Indiana. Teenagers are missing, mysterious white vans filled with armed men are rolling around town, and there’s something trying to claw out of the walls. And everyone loves it. When Stranger Things, the Netflix series that follows the events in the fictional town of Hawkins, debuted last summer it was an immediate fan favorite. Within hours, calls for a second season were already deafening. That second season is almost here and we’ve gotten our first taste of it thanks to a foreboding poster photographed by Stephen Wilkes that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.  Part of what makes the series so successful is the amazing team that puts the episodes together. The writers, directors, actors, production team, and marketing team at Netflix are all top notch, but the series also plays on sci-fi and horror conventions that were cemented in the 1980s. It’s harping on a level of nostalgia that’s built into the genesis of many fans’ passions. Stephen and Netflix knew it was crucial to include that in the poster. “The hope was to create something that was really iconic 80s in feeling and I really felt like we really achieved it, and still very much spoke to the soul of the show,” Stephen says. “There’s always kind of a wink and nod to the 80s in everything within Stranger Things - it’s almost like a period piece, yet it’s so contemporary in the storytelling.” Not only did the Stranger Things team host Stephen to shoot on location in the fictional town of Hawkins, but all of the props and wardrobe were from the actual show to keep it as aligned as possible with the aesthetic and detail we’ve grown to love. Getting all the details perfectly is a labor of love, and requires work from dozens of people to balance everything. It’s evident in the show, it’s evident in Netflix’s team, and Stephen made sure it’s evident in the poster. “One of the things I was very struck with was how everyone involved in this show feels a really vested interest in it and that’s rare to see,” says Stephen. All the extra work and love turns up in every frame. In the poster, the four young male main characters stand straddling their bikes on a road headed into town, facing a stormy sky and the shadow of some kind of creature from another dimension that we’ve never seen before. It definitely ups the ante for this season while encapsulating what the show is all about. That’s by design. “It really is about the ensemble of these four kids and the way they see the world and the context to this very supernatural thing that’s happening within their small town,” explains Stephen. “I’m a huge fan of the series so I’m very much into the characters and I wanted to make sure that each character, even though you’re viewing them from behind, that their gestures were very much in keeping with the series.” We already know who these kids are, so Stephen had to stay faithful to our expectations while showing us something new. He did just that. As soon as Netflix released Stephen’s poster, fan attention spiked and the image was immediately shared all over social media, in a variety of formats – including being blended into a few animations. “It’s exciting, I’m excited about it,” says Stephen. “And seeing the reaction that it’s had has been really quite incredible.” We have to wait until the end of October for Stranger Things to return to Netflix, but until then we have a first look thanks to Stephen’s poster.
  • 7.24.17 Paola + Murray Let their Stomachs Wander in Oaxaca

    Even if you’ve never been to Oaxaca, you’ve eaten Oaxaca. The food culture that comes out of the southern Mexican city takes up a great deal of real estate at American Mexican restaurants, and the flavors are familiar. Whether it’s their famous seven moles or a bottle of mezcal, Oaxaca is everywhere – but there’s nothing like eating through the actual city. That’s what Paola + Murray did while on assignment with Food & Wine, following around Chef Rosio Sanchez. “It’s one of the best eating destinations in the world that we’ve come across,” says Murray Hall, who makes up Paola + Murray with his wife Paola Ambrosi De Magistris. And Murray would know, they constantly travel all over the world and are themselves multicultural. “I was not expecting it to be as amazing for food,” says Paola. “I come from Italy and I have this thing where I think we have the best and most varied and most amazing food, and I was super, super surprised to actually see how varied and fantastic the food was in Oaxaca.” “And also just the energy there,” Murray jumps in. “The people are just incredible.” The assignment was simple: follow the Chef for a couple days and come back with an awesome take of the eating scene there. But they couldn’t stop with just that. They ended up extending their trip from a few days to more than a week so they could fully experience the place and bring it back for us to experience along with them. This wasn’t tacos and tamales by the hotel. This was an immersive experience. At one point they jumped into the back of a pickup truck with some prickly pear ice cream to go make some mole. “Little did me know that we were going to Zimatlan de Alvarez, a small town 40 minutes from Oaxaca. That was the closest to a true local experience we have come across,” Paola says. A surprise 40-minute trip in the back of a pick up can be a challenge – but the ice cream certainly made it easier. But it’s little surprises like those that make the experience valuable. “The next morning we went to the Mercado de Abastos and we discovered our favorite breakfast spot,” says Paola. They found Dona Vale in the middle of the market making fresh memelitas and chocolate de agua: the perfect breakfast. “We fell in love with her and a few days later we decided to go back but it took us ages to find her in such a maze of a market,” says Paola. They found her in the nick of time: she was just packing up for the day but stayed to make them breakfast. Not only that, she brought them along to her store so they could bring some hot chocolate mix back home with them and continue the magic. “Dona Vale is a true legend and one we will definitely go find next time we are in Oaxaca.” What Oaxaca has to offer can be found all over the US and the world. But there's nothing like the real thing.
  • 7.21.17 Joe Pugliese Gets Creative with A$AP Rocky

    A$AP Rocky is practically indefinable. He rose to fame thanks to a sparkling career in hip hop but quickly became a fashion authority, and a generally creative phenomenon. All celebrities influence their fans, but few have the kind of impact that Rocky has. It’s not just that he reaches a lot of people, but brands all over the world seek to benefit from his taste and style – he’s a collaborator, not a spokesman. So when Courvoisier reached out to Joe Pugliese and asked him to photograph Rocky for their latest campaign, Joe was psyched. “He’s much more than a hip hop artist, he’s basically a creative force, creative director in his own right,” Joe says. “The opinions he had and the taste level that he brought to the shoot was key. I don’t think a lot of people could have pulled it off like he did.”  The premise of the shoot was different from the work that Joe is normally called to do, but instead of getting caught up in what was different, Joe looked at what was the same and how to use that to the advantage of the project. “I’m generally an editorial photographer so I wanted this to look like a portrait of him that seemed authentic like I would have done for a magazine,” Joe says. “I didn’t want it to be like he was dressing up for the part and I feel like we got to a place that looks like something as authentic as we would have shot editorially.” In order to engender that relationship between the audience and Rocky, Joe needed to be able to control every aspect of the shoot. So he did. They built the entire set from scratch, placing every hanging jacket and swatch book and spool of thread to maximize the communication – and if you notice the bottle of Courvoisier in the shot, even better. “We wanted to create an intimate space with him,” Joe explains. “He’s someone who has these moments of creative expression and that could happen with no one around and that could happen at the tailor. So we wanted to make sure that he was surrounded by something that is authentic and curated.” It’s not every day that a photographer gets to work with a subject whose creativity is in demand all over the world. Typically their subject is a personality they must reveal or a model whose shape works perfectly for the desired goal. But Joe was able to work together with Rocky and use him as a creative asset instead of just as a subject. “It was inspiring. I was happy that he had opinions. I was happy that he had an image that he wanted to see accurately depicted, and that was a lot more fun to me than someone who just let us do whatever we wanted, especially in the world of advertising, authenticity is everything.”
  • 7.20.17 Rod Hunt Takes a Trip 'Round NYC

    New York City’s skyline always changing, and there’s no better way to witness it than from the rivers that flank the shores. We’re used to seeing photographs of New York from above, thanks to planes and helicopters, which offer a perspective of the city that is decidedly inhuman. It’s a point of view that we don’t experience every day, and therefore is almost a different New York. But circling the island of Manhattan, like on The Circle Line Cruise, and witnessing it all from a boat can give us unique perspective. Rod Hunt is a stalwart for The Circle Line Cruise, creating maps when they need them, and a few years ago he was able to take a trip on one of their boats with his partner. “It was good to go and actually see what I drew and see that there were some changes,” he says. “Things change.” Things change all the time, especially in New York where the skyline is different from year to year – and hence why the map needs constant updating. Rod just finished updating the map for this year and it’s finally been revealed. We’re thrilled to share it with you. Since this was far from the first time Rod had created the map for The Circle Line, he wasn’t working from scratch. Instead he got to recalibrate the piece and make it feel more contemporary. He worked to “make it a bit brighter and take out a few a things that weren’t there anymore or changed, and just changing the feel of it.” As the skyline changes so does the energy of the city, and the energy that The Circle Line wants to present. These subtle shifts engage the customer in new ways and help us understand the city from different points of view. You’ll notice that there are over 100 notable landmarks to check off as you make your way around New York City (Rod points out it’s actually 122). It’s a lot to shove into a single illustration, but Rod is famous for the detail in his illustrations, so it was definitively inside of his capabilities. “It was a lot of research,” Rod explains. “Originally I was given a big long list of everything that needed to go in and then I poured over table maps and satellite imagery. We didn’t have to worry about hundred percent geographic accuracy but we had to get things in the right place.” Once everything was in the right place it was off to the presses and the introduction of the new map.
  • 7.19.17 Craig Ward Makes the Unseen Seen

    We think of the human brain as being a lump of folding flesh, rippling on itself, chock full of information to be accessed at any time. And although this is (largely) true, what makes a brain so remarkable is the system of neural networks that connect pieces of information. Our brains break the world down into tiny pieces - “book” “walk” “brown” – but it is the connections between those bits that make it possible for us to walk over and pick up the brown book. It’s not easy to point out neural network as a separate entity from the brain (it’s the white stuff next to the pink stuff), but it’s there and it’s what makes our brains so powerful. Craig Ward knows this, and that’s why he created an entirely new process to create an entirely new typography for Boston Consulting Group. Neural networking is the key to organic intelligence – it’s how we see the connections between disparate elements in our world and are able to harness hidden strengths – so shouldn’t it be the key to artificial intelligence? That question is a big one, but Craig’s job was to use this idea to help BCG discuss it. In order to create typography that plays with these ideas he found a piece of freeware online and made it to an entirely different job. “I found this ivy generator online which was a super janky piece of freeware that crashes every 15 minutes but I was able to grow complex organic systems around 3D type,” explains Craig. “I then took those exported paths back into Cinema 4D and composited them into the headline where no type is shown, only inferred by how the 'ivy' grew.” By using an artificially natural pathway for flora he was able to create an idea of the internal workings of fauna. The result is a play with negative space, where we read between the networks. Just like with brain activity, the networks, the white matter, aren’t the ideas or thoughts we have, but they do give them shape. They aren’t the star, but they make it possible in the first place. Craig’s job was to create the typography for “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” but he brought the idea further in at least one execution that gives us a hint at what this execution has the potential to say.
  • 7.17.17 Kyle Bean Takes the Plunge with Stylist Magazine

    There’s something about swimming pools that make them inherently luxurious. Heated or not, chlorinated or salted, a deep pool of our most precious natural resource ready and waiting to be plunged into is the apex of indulgence. So what better than swimming pools to illustrate the luxury of high fashion fragrances? Stylist Magazine came to Kyle Bean with the idea of blending the two and left it up to him to figure out how to do it. The result is four different pools from four different cultures, each made to represent a different fragrance. Kyle used his signature process of paper craft to create pools inspired by traditional looks in Italy, Japan, Los Angeles, and Great Britain but with the shapes of bottles from Hermes, Armani, Aerin, and Atelier. The scenes are made almost entirely from paper, making them miniature in size. But they almost read as full size, mostly thanks to the incredible detail in the rippling water of the pools. When it comes to paper craft, Kyle is a master, but the water presented a challenge. “We experimented with different depths of water and different amounts that we shook the tank to create those ripples and one thing we realized in doing that is that and it’s a fine line between looking too minimal to suddenly looking like a huge wave,” says Kyle. “So it was a delicate balancing act between how much interruption we did on the water.” Kyle stuck his hands under the miniature sets and wiggled his fingers as photographer Mitch Payne clicked the shutter. Out of the collection of imagery they were able to choose the looks that sold it the best while keeping the text from the labels totally legible. The result is four images that are as refreshing as a real pool, but offer all the grace and style of these incredible perfumes.
  • 7.12.17 Good Magazine Gets Real About Climate Change with Adam Hayes

    When Bloomberg’s Good Magazine invited Adam Hayes to help them bring Mike Bloomberg and Carl Pope’s newest book ‘Climate of Hope’ to live in a digital article, they did it with a healthy dose of trust. The direction was pretty light, offering a ton of creative control to Adam who sifted through the book and found the insights that were most impactful to him. Then he created companion imagery to help bring it to life. “The brief was loose, but underneath there was a very clear message to convey. Once immersed in the project, my ideas developed quickly and I could be confident in developing the right concept,” says Adam Hayes. “As an artist, I find having the freedom to create in a project like this gives a greater sense of ownership to the work. I'm no longer reacting to something but collaborating, helping to create something much larger and successful than it’s individual parts.” By setting Adam and his skill loose Bloomberg opened the door for greater success. Through all twelve images you’ll notice that Adam used a strictly limited color palate of only three colors: black, white, and yellow. This limitation, and the colors chosen, was purposeful for a very good reason. “Deliberately limiting the colours was my way of giving the messages within each of these artworks greater impact. My concept was to create a kind of ‘protest aesthetic’, simplifying each book extract into a single line with a protest banner vernacular,” explains Adam. “Incidentally, I chose this yellow as it adds a bit of hope in there too. The sketchy, bold lines add urgency to the illustrations, but the colour provides the optimism.” Optimism is something of a reach when discussing climate science. Nary a day goes by without some horrific update on our decent into a boiling planetary prospect. But as Adam learned, as rough of a position as we’re in there’s still some space to do right. “I learned a lot about alternate ways to tackle climate change here, the book has many solutions to climate issue I have never even considered before. Yes we’re running out of time, and yes there are things we need to take action on immediately, but there’s also opportunity here. We can be empowered fight climate change, and succeed despite the foolish actions of some governments.” A healthy future requires all of our action, on a pretty large scale, but we must be inspired to do so. Hopefully Adam’s work offers the push we need to take up arms against an unsavory future and take responsibility for our planet.
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