• 11.14.17 Steven Laxton Brings Voice to LGBT Refugees In New Show

    American politics is on fire and moving at a blistering pace, it’s hard to pay attention to anything else. But for Steven Laxton, the moment that precipitated this chaos, the 2016 election, was a wake-up call to see the horrors happening on the other side of our borders. “I was very disgruntled and confused about the election and Trumpism and all the xenophobia and sexism and racism that transpired,” says Steven. “I realized that I rather than just post disgruntled posts on Facebook and go to a few rallies, I have a craft that can tell stories.” He started creating projects around immigration and came across Immigration Equality, the leading LGBTQ immigrant rights organization. Once he started hearing their stories, a whole new perception of what it means to be a refugee opened up for him and inspired his project “Free To Be Me,” on view at The LGBT Center in New York starting today. “It occurred to me that I didn’t really think about this enough myself,” Steven explains. “When I think about refugees I think of people seeking political asylum or economic asylum or people fleeing from war zones. It’s not often you think about LGBTQ asylum but there’s over 70 countries in the world where it’s illegal to be gay basically. Some of the stories are horrendous so I realized this was something that was worthy of doing.” Steven sat down with a host of LGBTQ refugees to get their stories and act as a conduit for us to meet them, understand them, and recognize the injustice happening all over the world. Things aren’t perfect in the US, but they’re good enough that for many, the US is an escape and a step towards living a freer and fuller life. It’s not just about facts and figures, as appalling as those are. It’s about the humanity behind those numbers and the absurd laws in other countries governing what is and what is not okay about being an LGBTQ person. “It’s important for people to know the stories and where they come from,” says Steven. “There’s one gentleman from Egypt who’s an architect. He went out on a date when he was younger with a guy, they just kissed, the cops saw him and he was locked in prison for three months only because he was a minor. If he had been older it would have been five years.” He was able to come to the US and build a new life here, a more honest life, and contribute to his new community here. Check out Steven Laxton’s “Free to Be Me,” presented in cooperation with the LGBT Center and Immigration Equality, is on view starting November 14th and running through the end of the year.
  • 11.13.17 Marvel's 'Black Panther' Times Ten with Marco Grob

    Calling Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ the most highly anticipated superhero movie in years is an understatement. Not only is Black Panther set to break records, it’s the first major film of the genre to feature a lead of color, a director of color, and a screenwriter of color. It’s a huge moment for representation in Hollywood, but also it just seems like the movie is going to be amazing. All eyes are on Ryan Coogler leading up to February’s release, and Marvel just released a slew of character posters for the film – a dizzying array of 10 different posters all shot by Marco Grob. Marco is known for his work in Hollywood, creating brilliant character portraits. Character portraiture is something of a balancing act, because it represents an extension of the film. Marco must get honest and clear moments from these actors through the guise of their characters. Plus it has to look beautiful. At once he plays stylist, cinematographer, and director, juggling each role so that the final image captures a glimpse of a full story in a single composition. That’s tricky enough with one or two posters, but Marco did it ten times for Black Panther: an achievement by any measure. What a treat to be a part of such a monumental movie, and a beautiful piece of it to boot.
  • 11.8.17 A Wormhole Through Worlds with Jeff Soto and XBOX

    Game consoles are windows into a myriad of worlds. Each game has its own story, its own cast of characters, its own aesthetics, and offers its own escape. For a client like XBOX, Jeff Soto had to bring together all of those worlds into one execution. It’s not enough for XBOX to pick one or two: to celebrate their platform they have to represent the entire scope of what’s possible through the console so Jeff Soto did just that. He created a “wormhole.”  In the video, the viewer is brought through what seems like dozens of worlds, each one a representation of a popular XBOX game, and each one created by Jeff. One after another they go, sparking inspiration and curiosity for anyone looking for their latest obsession. XBOX offers those in spades, and Jeff offers a taste of each one.
  • 10.31.17 Discovering New Dimensions with Joe Pugliese, The Duffer Brothers, and Wired

    It’s only been three days since Stranger Things 2 dropped on Netflix and thousands of viewers have already blasted through the whole season of television. And it’s surprising it’s taken even that long. When Stranger Things first debuted on Netflix last summer it was the breakaway hit, and with the second season only a few days old, expectations and anticipation for the third season are already becoming rabid. It’s all thanks to the Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross, identical twins and creative collaborators. All eyes are on the brothers as they bring us in their world, and Wired Magazine invited Joe Pugliese to photograph them for their latest issue. The aesthetic of Stranger Things is unique and easily identifiable, but Joe wanted to avoid those tropes. “I didn’t want to freeze them in the show that they’re currently working on because I always feel like portraiture lives on long after the people we photograph are tied to a specific project,” Joe explains. “I wanted to allude to the work that they do which at the core is an exploration of dimension - different dimensions and things living on in other ways and in other places.” To reflect the idea of multiple dimensions, Joe had the brothers play with mirrors and then used those reflections as a kind of visual game with the camera. Being identical twin brothers, there’s a lot of space to make visual jokes about reflections or similar looks, but Joe wanted to avoid all that. Instead, he found that all stereotypes about identical twins are completely absent from the way the brothers present themselves. As a photographer, it was his responsibility to present that in his work. “They don’t feel like identical twins in person. I actually wouldn’t guess that if I had met them, I would say maybe brothers or fraternal twins,” says Joe. “They don’t come off as really even the same kind of vibe.” Those differences are crucial when collaborating. The two have known each other since conception and choose to work together every day, and their separateness ensures they better each other. But Joe is quick to point out that they’re perfect equals, and he wanted that to show in the imagery. “I didn’t want them to ever feel like interchangeable in the photo, but I also didn’t want there to be a lead and a non-lead in the image, so I took care to switch them around at will,” says Joe.  “They don’t present themselves as interchangeable but they also don’t present themselves as one dominant, or one stronger personality than the other so I wanted to respect the fact that they are definitely on equal footing.” Luckily, Joe and the brothers were able to explore and try new things because Wired offers the creative freedom to get the right images. “They are one of the few that gives me that much freedom to just guide it,” says Joe about Wired. The magazine, and photo editor Ruby Goldberg, support Joe in every way making it possible to create amazing photographs.
  • 11.6.17 Jason Schmidt Gets Extreme with Kaws for Architectural Digest

    An artists’ studio is a hallowed space: they go there to commune and create, to communicate with the world and express the fruits of that communication, and those thoughts. They build and destroy in those spaces, but once the work is over they head home. The creation continues, it never stops, inside their minds that float inside their heads that lay on their own pillows, or rest against their couches, or bob through the kitchen while grabbing pasta to pour into the boiling water for dinner. The space is always creative, but one is relatively public – or is at least for the creation of the public act – while the other is private. Kaws is arguably one of the most famous and successful living artists, with new work and collaborations dropping all the time and being shared with the world, but his Brooklyn home is shared only with his wife and two children. Until now. Jason Schmidt was let into the home to photograph for the cover of Architectural Digest. And as photographers go, Jason was the perfect choice. “I thought I wanted to be an architect when I was a kid,” says Jason. “I’m super interested in architecture and design and then, I’m also obviously interested in and committed to artists. So, not surprisingly, I’ve been assigned to shoot artists homes because it’s a melding of my two main interests.” Jason has photographed more than 600 artists over the course of his career so far: mostly photographing studio spaces, creative spaces. But every now and then he gets into a private home space, like he did with Kaws, and it’s a little bit of a different energy. Kaws’ fame and success has afforded him to amass an incredible private collection that spans decades of work from artists of a dizzying amount of disciplines, mediums, and movements. There’s a lot to see at Kaws’ house and sometimes it’s too much. “Some things I wanted to be overwhelming,” Jason explains. “Often if you have a complicated room that’s filled with stuff, it can resolve itself a little bit. Most rooms have something of a sweet spot in terms of the orientation of the room and maybe that’s sort of when you walk into a room – most well-designed rooms – so the room sort of lays out for you just before your eyes when you enter that space.” These spaces are complicated, and Jason shows us the artistry of those complications. But not all of them are, some are simpler and it’s the lack of balance that appeals to Jason. “I like a room that’s really minimal and I also like a room that’s really maximal,” Jason explains. “And those two extremes, the way all extremes meet in a way, have a lot in common. It’s the stuff in between that I’m less interested in. Kaws’ house is sort of a combination of maximalist and minimalism.” Photographing the hundreds of creative spaces that Jason has, there’s little he hasn’t seen – and that’s kind of the point. As we all search for balance, as much as that balance is alluring for a lifestyle it’s less fun to watch. We want to see it all – or nothing. And Jason’s ready to photograph it for us.
  • 11.2.17 Paola + Murray Make Sure You Don't Miss Out

    We all have FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out. You log on social media and you see that amazing party, or vacation, or dinner party that just seems divine and you wonder “Why don’t I ever get to do amazing things like that?” Social media seems to be the biggest enabler of FOMO, but it can also be a remedy as Paola + Murray recently tested for New York Times Magazine. They attended a dinner party thrown by a food critic and their job was to make NYTimes Magazine’s followers feel like they were there. “Shooting for the NYT Magazine was a dream come true and to know that we were photographing Tejal Rao’s - a food critic for the NYT- dinner party made it even more exciting,” they say. The photographs got posted to @nymag’s Instagram Stories so that all of their followers could attend - in the comfort of their own home. Being a great critic comes with being a great craftsman, and Rao knows her way around the kitchen. Being in that space, around that energy, is the perfect environment for Paola + Murray to capture what’s actually happening. “Tejal and her partner Hugh were great hosts and the energy during the prep was electric, you could tell they are a well oiled machine and that they have entertained many times before,” explain Paola + Murray. “Timing is crucial when you photograph someone prepping, cooking, serving, eating and so on. For this one we had to move very fast since we did not want to disrupt the “dance” between the hosts and the guests and we also wanted to convey the natural, authentic, warm feel that was being created in the room.” The results are a “fly on the wall” view of what these experiences are really like. But there’s opportunity for more, and that’s exactly what Paola + Murray were going for. “We wanted the smell of the delicious apple tart being baked to come through the images as well as the juxtaposition of creamy fondue and crunchy baguette,” they say. “We wanted our viewer to eat this one with their eyes and be at the table with Tejal and her friends.” Take a look! We hope your experience is as delicious as the real thing and you don’t feel like you missed out for a moment.
  • 11.1.17 Sawdust Makes Everything Possible for Wired UK

    As a publication, there’s very little that Wired doesn’t cover. Begun as a technology publication, at an age when tech touches every aspect of our lives, covering tech means covering the modern condition. It’s impossible to describe life without tech, and tech without life. So Wired does it all. The UK imprint of the magazine, Wired UK, recently underwent a redesign and with that comes a refresh for their typography. The last time the magazine redesigned they went to Sawdust to create some new typography, so they did the same this time. Sawdust’s response was an emphatic Yes! and a style that’s able to engage will the myriad of topics the magazine engages with.  “We set ourselves the task of creating a typeface that worked efficiently in both flat color and three-dimensional form, however the 3D version needed to work directly over imagery, and without the need for a device within which to hold it. This created a whole new set of challenges,” Sawdust told It’s Nice That. Since Wired’s focus is so broad and changes every day, Sawdust had to anticipate issues that we can’t even imagine. Technology shift so fast that anything is possible, so Sawdust had to imagine infinite uses for their work and make any of those executions possible. “We needed a typeface that would work in black and white both flat and three-dimensional. For the flat version, it goes without saying that the color could be adjusted easily (it didn’t need to be set in just black or white) but changing the color for the 3D version, logistically become exponentially more complex and so we agreed a black and a white version was best. Therefore, when working in 3D it became important to keep tonal variants of white and black to facilitate its use across photography.” 
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  • Light, shadow, and movement all from the weight of @kaiandsunny
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  • @kaiandsunny offer depth and texture by applying simple ballpoint lines.⠀
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  • Take flight with @kaiandsunny.⠀
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  • Get out there! Illustration by @daviddoran_ #illustration #travel #france #roadtrip #summer #vacation #holiday #art #artist #inspo #inspiration #riseandgrind #newyork #vibes #lifeisgood #drawing #draw #paint #equality #inspiredaily #success #lifestyle #hustle #goals #mindset #motivation #goodvibes #travelgram #tourist #tourism
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  • Take a moment today to find some peace. @daviddoran_ shows us this quiet moment with the paper.⠀
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  • @daviddoran_ reminds us to make an adventure out of life. Even cheese shopping can be beautiful.⠀
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  • What would all this look like From Above? @briandoben answers that question, and more, in his new series. Check the story via the link in our bio.⠀
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  • @briandoben takes a new perspective with From Above, a series that plays with how we see what we see. For more info, check the link in our bio.⠀
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  • All hail the red queen, Marina Abramović, photographed here by @jasonschmidtstudio in her natural element. @abramovicinstitute #tgif #fashion #photography #photo #fashionstyle #style #photooftheday #instabeauty #instachic #look #outfit #luxury #chic #art #artist #performance #slay #wokeuplikethis
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  • It
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  • @therealgracecoddington is giving us a great big smile to help us finish out the week. Well, she gave it to @jasonschmidtstudio who gave it to us.⠀
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  • Sometimes looking at @felipepantone
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  • @felipepantone
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  • Sometimes it feels like @felipepantone
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  • After a long day like this sometimes you just need a nap. That
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  • @bryancranston is a lot of fun, according to @marchomstudio, which resulted in photos like this for the November issue of @esquire. Great work by the whole team including @matthew_marden @jayfielden @michael_hainey & @justinoneill.⠀
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  • As @marchomstudio discovered this month: don
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