• 6.12.18 Joey L Gets Intimate with Harmless Harvest in Thailand

    For most of us, picking up a snack at the corner store is little more than just that. We don’t put too much thought into how we’re choosing products from the shelves, but the information is out there to make better and informed decisions. Coconut water brand Harmless Harvest is one of the responsible choices, preferring to work directly with coconut farmers in free trade agreements who use analog techniques to create a drink that is free of additives and harmful processes. It means the bottles are more expensive, that’s true, but the brand knows you’ll pay for the superior product. Harmless Harvest isn’t engaged in a race to the bottom of your budget but to the top of your ethics and they invited Joey L to help them spread the message. Joey headed to Thailand’s Ratchaburi province to meet the farmers and get their stories.  “The people we chose to celebrate in the images are hardworking and proud stewards of nature,” Joey says on his blog. “Within the vast irrigation canals of the coconut fields is an ecosystem of mixed agriculture: rare herbs on top to prevent soil erosion, medicinal grasses grown on the sides, and schools of fish within the water itself. Instead of using pesticides, a variety of beneficial insects are released into the fields to battle pests.” A great many of the farmers in the area have updated their crops to better flow with more industrial techniques, but the farmers Joey photographed in Thailand, and that work with Harmless Harvest, continue the time-tested techniques of the past. These techniques are just as effective today as they’ve ever been and that’s why Joey shot the images in black and white. “The goal of the black and white treatment was not to appear ‘vintage,’ but rather to emanate a classic, timeless look which reflects the natural ingredients in the product, and the honest and traditional agricultural techniques used by farmers,” Joey says. Joey was able to engender intimacy with his subjects as they invited him into their lives, their business, and their livelihoods. You can see it in the smiles on their faces, the pride in their work. “As someone who spends his time shooting 50% commissioned advertising projects and the other 50% traveling and shooting personal work, I always enjoy when a project bridges the gap and involves the merits of both disciplines of photography,” Joey says. “I fell in love with the place, the people, and I shot enough to make an entire series.”
  • 6.13.18 San Francisco Tells Jason Madara and George McCalman "I AM BAYVIEW"

    San Francisco has experienced an incredible transition over the last decade. As soon as it was identified as ground zero for tech development, the socioeconomics of the city changed drastically. In that time the social makeup, property value, and identity of the city shifted and the reaction has been rightfully mixed, to put it lightly. As the city grapples with its different identity, it has shifted and expanded in ways that the larger community isn’t happy with, and that is understandable. No one wants their home to change. As a way to celebrate the diversity of San Francisco neighborhoods, the city teamed up with Jason Madara, George McCalman and Bayview Underground on a series of posters that feature more than two dozen Bayview residents for a projected dubbed I AM BAYVIEW. “It was a joy for Jason and me to take part in this community initiative, from conception to execution to installation,” said George McCalman. “We wanted to celebrate the Bayview community — the people who have a desire to be seen and who have a say in how their homes and community are being portrayed.” “The idea was born from several conversations about gentrification in San Francisco,” McCalman posted on his Instagram, @mccalmanco. “It’s an ongoing (and frustrating) subject amongst those of us who live here. In the course of talking, we came up with the idea of photographing the people representative of the values of a neighborhood that is suddenly desirable. One of the issues, oftentimes, is the people who live there are ignored in favor of expansion and ‘growth.’ We felt differently. We wanted to celebrate the current community; the people who have a desire to be seen, and have a say in how their homes and community are being portrayed. It was our mission to say, visually, that if you’re going to move to a neighborhood, you should get to know the people who live there.” McCalman and Madara leaned hard into representative diversity. They approached subjects from all walks of life, backgrounds, and racial representation, each of whom hold a special place in their communities. Social leaders, business owners, commentators, all vocal residents of the city who are fully engaged. Gentrification is often a destructive force, but confronting the issue head on with the community’s leaders is the only way to counter some of its subtler effects. Madara and McCalman have worked together extensively in the past, including their ‘Individuals’ series from 2015 that photographed artists and entrepreneurs from all over San Francisco to create intimate portraits. I AM BAYVIEW is an extension of that very same story, delving deeper into the figures that are beloved in this neighborhood. “My intent for this project was to make a beautiful portrait series of a diverse community and show the range of people that in this vibrant area of the city,” Madara says. So that’s what they did. Since being released to the public, the project has catalyzed a fiery conversation about the impact of gentrification in San Francisco and the responsibility of representation. Some of the dialogue has been constructive and that’s what Madara and McCalman are pouring their energy into, passionate to continue the conversation and engage the community even deeper. The conversation itself is important. The conversation was the intended result. Everything that’s happened since the release of the project was what was supposed to happen, in a way. “What constitutes a neighborhood in San Francisco? Especially a historically black one? Who decides who is Bayview?,” McCalman mused on his Instagram, questions that were present while they conceived the project, and questions that are still present today. These questions may not have answers, but as the community engages with each other and does the work of finding those answers, they’ll get closer to understanding and finding a common truth that includes all residents of Bayview, and represents the neighborhood they love.
  • 5.23.18 Chris Buzelli Gets Real with Fake News

    Information warfare has never been as acute as it is today, with every faction creating narratives to best support their goals, spreading stories that are less about fact and more about affect. The efforts are commonly known as “Fake News,” forcing every consumer in this age of information to determine for themselves what is real and what is not. Not only is it a challenging time, it’s an interesting time while we all recalibrate how we take in this information. Simmons College Magazine and Seven Elm asked Chris Buzelli to help them illustrate this topic into a single image and Chris reached back to some of our earliest and most omnipresent moments od fake news to bring it to life. Chris’ painting for the magazine called “The Fake News Age” features Bigfoot on a Central Park bench reading The World News that features an of Bigfoot, with the headline “Bigfoot Seen in Central Park.” Also in the paper: the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, and others. Bigfoot sits, half way through reading the paper, with a mouth agape at what he’s reading. And who would blame him? When it doesn’t matter what’s real and what’s not, the stories we read can go beyond the believable into the ridiculous. Never mind the common wisdom that the existence of Bigfoot is not worth entertaining because it’s far too insane, never mind the implication that the park behind him may be a painted set piece, never mind that the rest of the newspaper is filled with ever mounting unbelievable stories: Bigfoot himself finds contemporary news cycles to be unbelievable. It’s not even a comment on the veracity of these stories, but that it’s an uphill battle to distinguish between the real and fake when the goal is no longer truth.
  • 5.29.18 Michael Muller Knocks 'Em Dead with 'Deadpool 2'

    You’ve already seen the images that Michael Muller shot of Ryan Reynolds dressed up as the fan favorite Marvel superhero Deadpool. With the release of Deadpool 2, the sequel to the massively successful initial offering, the posters are not only in every city on practically every surface, but the marketing extended far beyond traditional advertising. Michael photographed the cast of the film for what has turned into one of the broadest media blitzes in recent memory. Everything from classic blockbuster movie posters, to parody work that plays off classic imagery, all the way to co-branded material with Trolli, all of it has Michael’s touch on it. You cannot escape America’s favorite antihero superhero and with images like this, why would you want to? The original Deadpool film ended up as the highest grossing rated-R movie in history, with materials shot by Michael as well, so it was a no-brainer that the studio would come back for round two and invite Michael to be a part of it again. One week in and the sequel is on track to take over the popularity and the numbers as the original. For the Deadpool 2 shoot, Michael met up with the actors Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz in what started as a traditional image capture session but turned into a creative and collaborative session, playing off of Reynolds’ creative riffs. Michael guesses they shot “45-50 completely different shots/concepts in a day.” Reynolds and the Deadpool team were able to take those shots and turn them into a series of inventive images that lampoon other concepts like World War Z, moments from Flashdance, and even the Sistine Chapel. As Deadpool 2 continues to dominate the box office, let us not forget its the franchise's signature humor that keeps fans coming back and Michael created the perfect facsimile of that humor to extend into the promotional work.
  • 5.22.18 Shelly Vella's 'The Stylish Stuff' Takes on Summer

    Do you ever wish you could get a personal session with one of our stylists, to help find the best picks of the season? Seems like a dream come true, doesn’t it? With Shelly Vella’s ‘The Stylish Stuff’ you get the next best thing. Unlike most personal blogs, ‘The Stylish Stuff’ is more than Shelly dressing herself. Instead she uses her expertise and platform to show her readers everything that’s on the market to help them find the best looks for themselves. With summer right around the corner, she teamed up with photographer John Rowley and model Monique Dunn to show off the best of the season. Shelly doesn’t just give us all the best and show you how to wear them, she also explains in detail on her blog how to make all of the pieces fit together either into your fantastic vacation or your fantastic life – it’s all about context, after all. With images that flatter and styling that just makes sense, Shelly has truly shown us that we can expect at least a little sunshine on any rainy day.
  • 5.18.18 Vault49 Strikes Rich for The Sunday Times

    Monetary riches are pretty easy to count – especially if it all fits neatly on a tax return. But not all measures of wealth can be defined by ounces of gold or stacks of cash, instead many have goals that are of a different nature. You may not own an inflated bank account but you can still count yourself among the rich. Every year, The Sunday Times publishes their list of “The Alternative Rich,” a list that aims to challenge the way we value life, one story at a time. The Times and Skoda teamed up to make the list and invited Vault49 to create the visuals that went along with it. It’s about more than just putting together a few heartwarming tales, but instead offers a new lens from which to consider success and achievement. This year they broke the list up in to groups: “Creative & Fearless,” that includes artists and entrepreneurs; “Free-spirited & Adventurous,” that features and astronaut and an Antarctic expedition leader; “Fulfilled & Content,” that features humanitarians and volunteers; “Altruistic & Compassionate,” with doctors and an MP; and “Enduring & Preserving,” that includes a refugee, a teacher, and General Sir Nick Carter. Once all the names had been compiled and their stories written down it was up to Value49 to illustrate he potential power of the list. They played off the familiar image of a pile of golden coins, even going so far as to place them in a translucent coin purse, but instead of dollars these coins represent emotions. Vault49 used popular positive Emojis, circular in nature, as the basis for their glistening coins, proving that enriching your life through uplifting experiences and service is its own kind of wealth.
  • 5.10.18 Miranda Kerr and The Selby Get Creative with Vogue

    Miranda Kerr suddenly has a whole lot more to do – and that’s saying a lot. She just gave birth to her second child, a son named Hart, and that's on top of being a business owner, an international model, and a familiar face on TV. She hasn’t slowed down a step. Right before giving birth to her newborn son, she teamed up with Todd Selby on a fashion film for Vogue that explores Kerr’s pregnant life in ways that might even seem silly. “We had a lot of fun with it and made it her made it a bit of a character,” says Todd. “She is secretly eating hamburgers out of a drawer and has a miniature wooly mammoth that she had genetically engineered to be her pet. And she has insane sailboat races in her pool. So, it’s kind of like trying to make it fun and do something fun with it.”  The film was created alongside still assets, and Todd even turned some of the moments into moving GIFs. Much of Kerr’s life is spent in front of the camera, so she was an engaged collaborator. But she’s also an image maker. So Todd, Vogue, Kerr, and the whole team planned out as much as they could to make sure everything looked perfect. And once all the pieces were in place: they cut loose. “Normally I’m more of like a real-life kind of guy, but this one was a more constructed thing,” Todd says. “But then also see some of it is also impromptu because she’s really fun. She started dropping rhymes on the mic with her Plexiglas piano and doing all the dance moves with her yoga and so, it’s some freestyle.” Since they all knew they’d get exactly what they needed out of the day, they were able to have a lot of fun with the game of it. Throughout the shoot, you’ll find a backyard grill covered in fruit and the moments that Todd teased like hidden hamburgers and yoga-inspired dance moves - many featuring cameos by Todd's watercolor illustrations. It’s all cheeky and chill. But don’t let it fool you: even as she approached her due date, Kerr is as busy as ever. “She’s running her own company, busting a move, having conference calls, she’s got her own products and she’s still appearing in all these magazines and doing all these editorials,” Todd explains. “We had fun with it, made it the opposite of really what’s kind of going on… It’s really cool that she was down for all this stuff. I’ve got to give her credit, she was down for all my whacky ideas.” On the eve of motherhood, Kerr took the time to create with Todd and Vogue, always making the world just a little more beautiful. Please help us in congratulating Miranda and her family for their new addition.
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  • @andrewzuckerman takes flight with these birds as a part of his ongoing work with animals.⠀
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  • @platon photographed legal resident Melida Ruiz, with her daughter and grandson, in 2013 after she was detained and threatened with deportation in 2011 based on a 9-year-old misdemeanor.⠀
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  • @platon photographed Aaron Velazquez and his mom Kathleen in Phoenix in 2013. Aaron
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  • We’re thinking about families today. 3-year-old Evalyn Velazquez posed for @platon after missing her dad who sat in detention for almost a year.⠀
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  • Two of a kind. @carlescarabi photographed @leomessi and some goats for @papermagazine.⠀
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  • @papermagazine and @carlescarabi get literal with the GOAT, @LeoMessi.⠀
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  • Is it summer yet? @hunky.dunky has us feeling restless!⠀
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  • We want to jump in with @hunky.dunky.⠀
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  • @hunky.dunky has got us excited about summer.⠀
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  • Will you strike a pose with @paridukovic and @mrrpmurphy for the new @poseonfx? Get ready for the premier on June 3rd.⠀
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  • Get a new take on the season
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  • @itsmoniquedunn slays in @shellyvella
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  • @mirandakerr and @theselby help us stretch into the weekend a new fashion film "Waiting Games" for @voguemagazine. Check out the full story via the link in our bio.⠀
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  • @theselby and @mirandakerr made this charming fashion film "Waiting Games" for @voguemagazine on the eve of her son
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  • @mirandakerr just welcomed her new son, Hart, into the world last night, but before she did she teamed up with @theselby on a new fashion film "Waiting Games" for @voguemagazine. Check out the full story via the link in our bio.⠀
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  • @kaiandsunny show off their collaboration with @elementbrand as a part of their new show TWISTS & TURNS at @jonathanlevineprojects this Saturday, May 12.⠀
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  • Check out @kaiandsunny at @jonathanlevineprojects this weekend for their latest show, TWISTS & TURNS. Plus get the opportunity to see their latest collaboration with @elementbrand. ⠀
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