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    Born in L.A. in 1978, Tristan Eaton started pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscapes of the cities where he lived, be it London, Detroit, or New York. He designed his first toy for Fisher-Price at 18 years old and soon became a driving force in the world of designer toys. Eaton's work for Kidrobot, including the famous Dunny and Munny art toys, helped him achieve international renown and an ever-growing fan base. After forming his Creative Agency Thunderdog Studios in New York City in 2004, Eaton became a leader in the advertising and commercial-art spheres, and is regularly commissioned by a roster of clients that includes Nike, Versace, and even Barack Obama.

    These days, Eaton is one of the most prominent street artists working today. Eaton’s large scale mural work features a meticulous, visual collage of pop imagery mixed with his unique personal style, all executed with freehand spray paint on a colossal scale. Eaton now focuses on his Fine Art and large-scale mural work full-time, which can be found in dozens of cities across the globe from Paris to Shanghai.

    Eaton’s work can also be seen in the Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) permanent collection.


    • @nathansmithart just showed up in Miami for a marathon 24 hour party time at #artBasel - now we're flying out to #BULGARIA for a crazy art project! Life is crazy! Bye Miami!!! Pic by @skcstandingrock at @wynwoodarcade
    • Thank you @thesupperclub & @stephen_bliss for the fancy brunch!!! I can't believe we woke up in time for it!!! #artbaselmiami
    • Zane! Dessert is here!!! @chopemdownfilms @juxtapozmag @urbannationberlin
    • Some close ups - 'American Power' @wynwoodwallsofficial
    • Final pic of my mural for @wynwoodwallsofficial - Titled 'American Power', it's a salute to the powerful women of this country who are turning the tide against injustice and abuse of men in power from Hollywood to D.C. to Wall St. Despicable people have gone un-checked for too long. It's nice to see the culture changing. I was pleased to see @time magazine salute the same cause with this year's person of the year! 👉🏽
    • TONIGHT!!! @wynwoodwallsofficial @goldmanglobalarts @loganhicksny @ronenglishart @marthacoopergram @riskrock @leonkeer
    • Great time today with @hushartist & @hublot_northamerica in #miami !!!! #hublotlovesart #hublot
    • Good morning #artbasel !!! I'm here at the #balharborshops to show off our watches to #miami !!! @hublot @hublot_northamerica @hushartist @aaronlbarr #hublot
    • VERY EXCITED! Dec 7th at 6pm I'll be the moderator for an artist talk at the Goldman Global Arts Gallery (inside Wynwood Walls) @goldmanglobalarts @wynwoodwallsofficial - Free Admission!
ARTISTS ON PANEL: @riskrock @ronenglishart @marthacoopergram @leonkeer @loganhicksny 
#humankindwynwood #ggagallery
    • Amazing shot of the 2017 @wynwoodwallsofficial family! I was in the back tying my shoes right when @marthacoopergram snapped this 😜- I heard she's gonna photoshop my in tho... Big love to @jessicagoldmansrebnick - thank you so much for including me this year! It's truly an honor!!! #wynwoodwalls
    • Did everybody get one??? Available exclusively from @staticmedium
    • Today! Available from @staticmedium - Don't sleep!
    • BOOK PRESALE IS LIVE. Thanks for being patient guys! Go to @casscontemporary / www.casscontemporary.com or click link in my bio!
- "Throughout my life, I have both succeeded and failed many times over in a variety of careers. Through process of elimination there really was only one clear path. I decided to put all of my energy into one thing, and one thing only: the hardest and scariest thing in the world… Making good paintings.

The paintings in this book are the result of that effort. I took 20 years of experience and mashed it together. I took all of my skills and all of my aesthetics and baked them together to make a perfect whole. After a long and winding road, I can finally step back and look at my work with pride, knowing that the work is finally 100% me.  Every weird piece of me is now collaged together to make a final product that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  I still don’t think I’m a very good painter, but I get better every damn day. And that's good enough for me!" - Tristan Eaton
I'm very exited to announce my last print of 2017! Drops tomorrow! Thank you @staticmedium !!! 👈🏽SWIPE
Sale details: "3D Geisha" $250 Edition of 110 18" x 36" Includes a pair of 3D glasses Signed, stamped and numbered  Releases on https://staticmedium.com/shop/ at 1:00pm PST on Wednesday, December 6th
    • Quote by Carlo McCormick from my book #tristaneatonpaintings with @casscontemporary !!! Thanks for being patient with the presale problems guys. We broke the internet! High demand crashed the site! Stay tuned!
Info below to preorder my book!!! #Repost @casscontemporary (@get_repost)
TODAY at 3pm EST the @tristaneaton book will be available on casscontemporary.com
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    • @wynwoodwallsofficial progress pic by @jamesnwobu #wynwoodwalls @montanacans
    • 2002 @ronenglishart came to my first ever art show in NYC! (Really embarrassing pic of me) He's been a big brother and an inspiration ever since! Everyone in LA should go see his new show tonight at @coreyhelfordgallery !!! Congrats Ron! (Bonus points for QUIK RTW Lin Felton in the shot too!!!)
    • Making progress in @wynwoodwallsofficial #Miami !!! @chopemdownfilms with the #zanearang @montanacans
    • TIMES SQUARE!!! @hublot @hublot_newyork @hublot_northamerica are doin it BIG! Thank you guys! @hushartist and I are so excited! #hublotlovesart
    • Congrats on your new painting @ralph_holguin - it looks great in your beautiful home!!! @rmdagency
    • SWIPE 👈🏽 Thank you for the epic event shots @joerussophoto !!! @hublot @hushartist @jfsberro @danteross @junkyardjuju #hublotlovesart. #hublot
    • Epic evening tonight! So proud of the final time pieces! Thank you @hublot Thank you @hushartist !!! #hublot  #hublotlovesart
    • Tonight in Manhattan! Can't wait to see this project in real life! Can't wait to see my New York friends & family too! @hublot @hublot_newyork @hublot_northamerica #hublot
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