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    Mcbess (Matthieu Bessudo), born July 5, 1984, is a French illustrator living in London. His style combines influences like Fleischer Studios' old cartoons with contemporary shapes, symbols, and types.

    Mcbess's drawings often present himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references – such as amps, guitars, and records. He is also a musician in a band, The Dead Pirates.

    • New @mcbaise music video is up yo (on my youtube channel ), we carried those amps up the mountains for nothing because we’re mugs #we #are #mugs
    • The Boy ( done with @procreate  for those who asked )
    • BATEAU
    • part of an illustration I’ve done for Apple, this part is the part with the girl in it.
    • “610” live #xmasdirtymelody
    • Use the promo code DIRTY DUDES on the @dudesfactory shop to get a sweet deal on tshirts and stuff:

    • Another band entirely, sharing no member whatsoever with The Dead Pirates: @mcbaise #xmasdirtymelody
    • We’re live @thedeadpirates – check our Love Stream on  YouTube the up and coming platform:

#xmasdirtymelody #deadpirates
    • Interview of the very much dysfunctional Ben Franklyn Jr. Win his frankly disturbing music with the hashtag #benfranklynjr #xmasdirtymelody
    • @meatcandy is live @premisesstudios #MeatCandy #XmasDirtyMelody
    • Alright folks, its Christmas and you know it. We’re live from @premisesstudios for an evening of festivities and technical difficulties – join us: https://youtu.be/WJp6c9WZnjI
    • Tonight 19h30 england time, link in the bio.
    • This Saturday we’re doing a live stream, there will be live bands, live goofs, magic tricks, we got all the equipment but none of the fucking knowledge so I’m sure it’ll be smooth as butter. Anyway loads of christmas gifts will be given away for ya, mcbess prints, dirty melody vinyls etc... Anyway it’s happening on the @dirtymelodyrecords facebook see ya Saturday night
    • Ahh good to see the German crew, these are people behind @dudesfactory . Also, well fucking done @burgerjointde your buns are the tits. Feel free to use that slogan, « Our buns are the tits » it plays on several levels. Also thanks to @berlinliquide for taking the picture, « Berlin Liquid ! Our cruises are the tits ». Doesn’t work as well with boats, I’ll think of something and get back to you.
    • Cutting board is back à the @dudesfactory
    • Live from @hoxtonradio an idiot
    • Bit of @mcbaise in the morning #op1 #vintagevibe #not #the #first #take #everybody #in #the #flat #hate #me #now
    • 15% OFF everything with the code : IAMDIRTY 
Bit of black friday action at Dirtymelody.com , but we’re making it last until the 15th of Dec. (I’ve put the link in the bio but it’s Dirtymelody.com it’s not complex)
    • New music video for “610” shot in the actual bus that took me to school and crushed both stray cats and teenage spirits. Directed  by @_elio_ ( I put the link in the bio ) #can #you #smell #the #tomato #lost #nirvana #lyrics
    • “Draw whatever, I don’t give a shit , where’s the paella “ - Pablo Picasso “  #quotember #pentember #novillustrationember #artistember #rimjobs
    • when it doesn’t come naturally... Shketches or Shit Sketches if you prefer. #novembink #noinkber #drawingber #inktember #anal
    • Bob Rossed the gig yesterday wiv @thedeadpirates , thanks @brubol for the vidao
    • See you in mo for some scaray tunes
    • “Print my balls ! Print my fucking balls cunt !” - Victor Hugo. If you’re looking for prints of my scribbles, they’re at mcbess.com or @dudesfactory ! #quotectober
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