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    Mcbess (Matthieu Bessudo), born July 5, 1984, is a French illustrator living in London. His style combines influences like Fleischer Studios' old cartoons with contemporary shapes, symbols, and types.

    Mcbess's drawings often present himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references – such as amps, guitars, and records. He is also a musician in a band, The Dead Pirates.

    • Did this little guy with @martian_toys goes on sale tonight ( it’s friday the 13th innit) check @martian_toys account for details ! Also it’s fucking glowing in the dark ! #glow #in #the #dark #semen
    • Hoy, fancy a boogie this Friday ? I'm playing with @mcbaise and @heavymenthol  for @offflondon party 🎉. It's fucking FREE too, just RSVP at rsvp@themill.com (artwork by my bud @ulcerboy ) Also will bring cool ass merch #COOL #ASS #MERCH
    • "Giving D" for @dudesfactory #D
    • portrait of my mate @mixhell , yes I know it's uncanny...
    • This is going nowhere...
    • @lemcbaise Windowsill is coming out tomorrow, with a hot hot hot music video. Worked on this instead of drawing for the last 6 months with @le_muff at @wayfarersoundstudio . Got the colors out of my system, now I can go back to my 1930's affairs. Hope you enjoy. #doesnt #matter #if #no #one #else  #does #I #thoroughly #enjoyed #myself
    • Pin I did for @wayfarersoundstudio , it comes free with every pre-orders of @lemcbaise vinyl and CDs ( mcbaise.com )
    • Riso prints ready for tomorrow, look at that Fluro Orange
    • My mate @alanberryrhys is doing his opening tonight in Soho at @coningsbygallery. He's made his own vermouth 🥃 so I'll be bartending and serving negronis. See you there at 18h
    • We're having a party on the 8th of sept with @mixhell @lemcbaise and @wearestags . Tickets on Dice ( Link in bio) Printing this riso poster available at the show !
    • ok I'm ready, putain merci @motraboy
    • Things I've designed for the new mcbaise album "Windowsill" @lemcbaise
    • thanks ! @eliottgamer
    • oops butter fingers @dudesfactory
    • And the finish illustration, print available at @dudesfactory
    • The sketch
    • Ohhh I made it into a face, that's fucking insane... With the fresh new album on it, you can pre order them at mcbaise.com #tape #face #bdsm #useless
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