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Peter Martin

Claptone Immortal Live

Tech & Innovation

Claptone and oscar-nominated creative director Peter Martin teamed up to create a concept for a groundbreaking live show. The plan was to make a difference, to build something never seen before. Claptone wanted to tell a story, to create emotions and to bring magic to the audience by combining the poetic elements of the theatre with the modern visual world of electronic music. The result is split into 3 chapters; "The Past, The Present and The Future". Three parts and every part has its own visual language. Claptone and Peter Martin engaged some of the worlds best video artists to create "Claptone Immortal Live."

This show appeared at selected large scale events and festivals around the world in 2015 in synch with the release of Claptone’s debut artist album which features collaborations with singers from the Indie / Alternative world.

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