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Found Studio

Hiscox Home Insurance

Tech & Innovation

In an unbelievable convergence of technology in a practical environment, Found Studio used a 3D projection mapping technique to create a TV spot for Hiscox Home Insurance. Hiscox's comprehensive home insurance is built around an understanding of the changing role of our home as we progress through life. The ad highlights this by following a man as he reflects on how his priorities - and his home -have evolved, using the striking 3D projection mapping to bring his experiences to life his home. 

To achieve the effect, Found Studio and London agency VCCP worked together to create animated content that conveys the narrative. The projection was filmed using a motion controlled camera, perfectly syncing the content with the live action camera on the shoot day. This movement is not normally possible with traditional projection mapping which is designed for a live audience watching from one fixed viewing angle, but through a dizzying amount of planning and engineering they were able to create the effect seamlessly.

 - Behind the scenes: View the making of 'The House I Grew Up In"

Behind the scenes: View the making of 'The House I Grew Up In"

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