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Wesley Allsbrook

Why We Drive


In ‘Why We Drive,’ Porsche and The Atlantic invited three drivers to describe why they love their cars and what driving means for them: freedom, exploration, adventure. As the drivers tell their stories we get to see Wesley Allsbrook's creations bloom around the driver. She creates fully immersive environments that illustrate the drivers' experiences, and although we don't see her we see the digital paint bleeding off her digital brush. We see the flourish of her strokes and the skating of her own movement. It reminds us that the way we do even the simplest things, like driving, has exquisite beauty locked deep inside it - even if we don't recognize it in the moment.

Porsche blended Wesley's work with the stories by the drivers into videos that allow her work to grow and develop around the drivers. The experience by the audience is once again through glass, but they've also offered Wesley's environments as a separate, unique experience for those who want to explore them. By clicking and dragging you can take your time, examining each digital stroke as close as you care to. It's a much more intimate and personal way to experience Wesley's art and absorb the stories into the viewers own experience.

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