A different studio.
    Our goal is to offer the best visual solution for your client's advertising campaign, with responsibility, professionalism, commitment, and quality product.
    MMJ Studio is recognized for producing timely, high quality images and complexity.We are different because we work daily to recover old values, such as trust. We want to be more than a supplier, we want to be partners.
    Marcelo Jr, currently Owner/Director of MMJ Studio, served three years in the area of 3D Illustration of Seagulls Fly, known as one of the largest animation studios and 3D illustration of Brazil. After, he was invited to restructure the 3D area of Studio Icon, and accounted for the 3D illustration of that studio for two years. With the idea to build his own studio, he decided to work as a freelancer, serving diverse clients nationally and from other countries (India, England, New Zealand, Poland and Russia). The particular timeliness of commitments, plus the quality of work presented, led the Polish studio Ars Thanea to invite him to join their team. in 2010, he created along with a partner, UberHauz. Convinced of his determination to build his own studio, in August 2011 he launched the MMJ Studio. 

    Africa, Ageisobar, Agencia 3, Ana Couto Branding & Design, Binder, Empower, Giacometti, Heads, Instituto do Aco, Leo Burnett, McCann Bangalore, McCann Mumbai, McCann Poland, Moma Propaganda, Move, NBS, Ogilvy, Staff Brasil & W/McCann

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