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    M*G!C Group Media is the Amsterdam based, independent, artisan image creator of the world - and home to the true craftsman. With M*G!C the client always comes first. We use our in-depth knowledge of high-end image creation, together with our extensive experience - always to benefit of the project. We organize our productions so that the turn around is quick, the process is cost efficient, and the end result is of the highest possible quality. 


    Due to the fact that we have all aspects of image creation/manipulation, in house (3D, CGI, photo realistic illustration, high grade retouching), we know exactly what different disciplines need to be used and when. Furthermore, we are able to combine and align those disciplines seamlessly. We pride ourselves in being partners and consultants as much as a craftsmen. 


    Our 4 most senior craftsmen have 100+ years experience between them. This results is an in-depth understanding of imagery that is unprecedented and unparalleled. They have gathered a balanced team around them who can take on all kinds of productions, still or moving, big or small.

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