• 9.22.16   Amanda Marsalis and People Magazine Invite You

    Film festivals are no joke. As the bar has been raised for Hollywood profits, most international movie stars also work on smaller, independent films that do the film festival circuit to drum up interest and support on their way to wide releases. They’ve become the training room for smaller projects, and one of the most reliable places to find a huge amount of celebrities. This year at the Toronto International Film Festival, People Magazine asked Amanda Marsalis to set up a photographic experience and capture the names and faces as they floated by. It was an incredibly intense five days with just a few minutes per sitting, but Amanda knows exactly how to get her subjects to open up quickly no matter how famous they are. “I tell a lot of goofy stories. What we’re going to talk about just depends on the person,” explains Amanda. “Honestly, I’ve been working at it for twenty years.” Facing some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Ryan Gosling, Oscar Isaacs, Bryan Cranston, Sigourney Weaver, and Nicole Kidman could be intimidating for anyone – especially in the tiny amounts of time that Amanda got to sit with them. But for Amanda, it’s less about handling a personality and more about creating the right tone for the right moment.  “I really make sure I have a moment where we feel like collaborative equals,” she says. By putting everyone on equal footing, their time together opens up so they can work together towards the same goal. It’s not an easy charge to keep the energy up for five days but Amanda and her team made that the center of what they were doing. That’s how they got so many incredible photos over their time by making the set an enjoyable place to be. “We had a good vibe on set, a good playlist, and basically invited everyone to the party,” says Amanda. “Welcome! We’re having fun over here, come join us!” The festival is over now, but thanks to the expressive nature of the photographs that Amanda created with People the party continues in each image and you’re invited.
  • 9.26.16   The First Presidential Debate

    If everything goes as planned tonight’s Presidential Debate will be the most watched debate in American history, and likely the world. The 90 minutes that the candidates will spend on the stage together with Lester Holt will be the most viewed political discussion in human history, an event that will not soon be forgotten by those who watch it. As an artists agency we’re lucky that we constantly butt up again history, and tonight is no different. A handful of our photographers have met with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for various projects and we present a selection of that work here. Most recently, Hillary Clinton sat for Joe Pugliese with her Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine. It was a quick, productive shoot for People Magazine that struck the tone Clinton was probably angling for. She comes off as warm and open, both elements her fans love and her detractors say are missing.  Joe has also photographed Trump. Last fall he tailed The Don for a day from the office to the street, to receiving adulation from his fans. It was the early days of the campaign long before anyone could even guess he’d be the nominee. But here we are a year later and it’s all eyes on Trump as he prepares to take on Clinton who has, arguably, been preparing for this moment her whole professional life.  Through his own storied career Marco Grob has also had the opportunity to work with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, bringing his signature gravitas to these two political animals that have their own versions of what leadership means. Marco also embedded in Obama’s White House, giving us looks at what the Presidency means that we haven’t seen before. In 2012 when Barack Obama was Inaugurated for the second time, Stephen Wilkes set up for his signature ‘Day to Night’ series, photographing the whole day that hundreds of thousands of Americans collected on the National Mall to watch their President take the oath of office for the final time. Finally, Douglas Freidman had the opportunity to photograph Hillary Clinton in 2013 for the cover of New York Magazine in a shoot that decontextualized this woman who brings with her a career of work and controversy, offering her up unadorned and markedly human.
  • 9.23.16   Serge Seidlitz Gets Down with Google

    Communication is about more than just words. It’s about expressing our thoughts and feelings to those around us. In an increasingly visual world our communication has gone from textual to using small images we call “Emojis.” When Emojis were first introduced they were just expressive smiley faces, but have since developed into almost their own works of art, that go beyond expressing a certain emotion to communicating full ideas. We use Emojis to an incredible degree on our mobile devices, and Google teamed up with INT Works to commission illustrators for their Allo app, and asked Serge Seidlitz to be a part of it. Each artist got their own theme, and Serge went with “Let’s Party,” creating a series of images that begs us all to boogie down. Getting together with friends can be tricky business, working out schedules and staying in communication while everyone gets ready and is pitching ideas. But Serge does the work for us in the series of 24 different Emojis. The images on offer include more than a few that have to do with drinking, but Serge gives us everything we need. A demand that the slow friend hurries their preparations, a low-key request for pizza, and even a proposition to bring someone home (who wants to snooze solo?). Serge’s playful style brings just the right tone to the project, extending the party vibe from the club to your phone. You can bring that all the way home by downloading the Allo app, and don’t forget Serge when you’re pouring your next cocktail. 
  • 9.16.16   Martin Sati Displays the Reach of Elizabeth Warren

    Elizabeth Warren is one of the most divisive figures in modern American politics. After decades of teaching law Warren decided to turn her focus to financial and social reform, running all the way to the US Senate, launching and winning a bid for a seat representing Massachusetts. She wasted no time, taking on the Banking industry almost single-handedly. Her fans loved every minute, and Wall Street didn’t bother to disguise their distaste. No matter what direction you see her from, her impact has been swift and strong, making her an obvious choice for the cover of Investment News who asked Martin Sati to create a portrait of her for their magazine. Even before Warren stepped into the limelight in the Senate, her words on banking reform were widespread and practically omnipresent. Martin’s balletic style acts as a perfect metaphor for the reach of Warren. His curvaceous lines and diversity of color reflects how Warren’s been able to affect those around her, and each of those threads has turned into its own political career, grassroots movements, or legislation. Check out Martin’s cover, and the full illustration below.
  • 9.14.16   Ben Rayner from Start to Finish

    Ben Rayner got his start in music photography and let the rest of his career grow from there. It’s been a natural evolution since the first time he picked up a camera in his teens. To an outsider his lack of formal training might seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually allowed him to create a relationship with his camera and image making as a process that is more energetic and based on direct human interactions. He brought that visceral expertise in his latest shoot with Hailey Baldwin, playing off her personality in a pitch-perfect study for the way he operates. “I was trying to capture her spirit and essence and just trying to make her look great and cool and as natural as possible,” says Ben. With Hailey it was about her as a subject, but he brings the same eye to fashion. When Ben was commissioned by apparel brand Lazy Oaf to offer his aesthetic to their lookbook, he dove right in. The tone of the brand was just the right match for his style. “The playfulness of the brand and the products was relatable,” Ben says. “It was a youthful playfulness and fun energy that I hope that came across in the work.” It’s a native match with Ben’s energy, making for effortless results. Ben combined both the worlds of portraiture and fashion photography for UK Glamour in a shoot that acts almost as a micro chasm of the way he loves to create. “In an ideal world my fashion work is almost a photo diary of a day,” says Ben. “I’d like to make it feel like it’s just me and her. It’s that kind of feeling and aesthetic. Ultimate comfort, really, between me and the subject. These are the pictures we would make if we weren’t being commissioned by someone. A running commentary on my daily experience.” In total you can almost line all of his work up, image after image, in a parade as a single project. He wants to bring that same excitement, energy, and relatability to every image and relationship he creates with his camera in hand and deliver it as an accessible experience drawing his viewers into that world. Everything you see Ben work on is authentically Ben, lending out his point of view to all of his collaborators. Please join us in welcoming Ben Rayner to the roster at B&A.  
  • 9.20.16   Tom Corbett Injects Life with The Gloss

    Fashion is about shape as much as it’s about color and texture. The most milquetoast materials can make something exquisite when coaxed into the right form. The Irish Time’s monthly fashion magazine The Gloss wanted to bring attention to new shapes, and asked Tom Corbett to help them do it. They brought together a collection of oversized apparel, focusing on outerwear, but they needed a way to bring life to these big clothes. “We thought that would look great with movement and energy, and it would make it really modern and really strong,” says Tom. To bring the pieces to life, Tom worked with his model and kept her moving. They used a clean grey background to keep the focus on the clothes, but that meant all the story telling had to happen between the model and the clothes she was wearing. “It was a high energy, high octane story using these big coats flapping around, using the movement of the coats to create something,” explains Tom. In that room they injected every moment with creation, not satisfied to let the clothes hang like on a hanger. They made it all come alive.  Each of the pieces that The Gloss highlighted in their shoot with Tom is oversized, but there’s more to them than just that. The textures, colors, and patterns are all amazing and Tom wanted to bring those out but not in a way that would be overpowering or distracting. He struck that balance with light. Using mostly camera-mounted flash to help everything pop, he let it all unfold naturally. “The detail just jumps out at you,” Tom says. They jump out at you just like the photographs, balanced and beautiful.
  • 9.21.16   Nathan Fox Goes Deep for The Village Voice

    Whether or not you believe climate change is real, NYC is facing a host of issues around rising sea levels. Back in 2012 the city braced for impact as Hurricane Sandy gave it a thrashing, and recovery is still in process. Residents recently learned that one of the busiest subways in the five boroughs is set to close for a year and a half to clean up the mess left behind by Sandy and it, understandably, has left riders confused and angry. But as The Village Voice tells us, this is just the beginning. For their cover story, ‘NYC vs. The Sea,’ they needed an image that would encapsulate the desperation and tapped Nathan Fox to do it.  Nathan brings a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in a visualization of the L train being eaten by the sea. A giant squid holds a train car in its clutches, ready to consume our good nature and our feeble attempts to live so close to the abyss. As millions of riders are stranded by the MTA’s closing of this vital line, we’re literally at the mercy of the rising seas and Nathan crystalizes the point perfectly on this cover. It’s a savage battle against rising tides and one we need to understand or risk falling into a murkier, wetter future.
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  • @kaiandsunny are currently showing at @colette in Paris. Check them out before they
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