• 2.16.18 10 Years of Marvel's Cinematic Universe by Marco Grob

    This weekend marks the opening of Black Panther, Marvel’s latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and it looks like it’s about to be the biggest. Pre-sale tickets have outpaced even some of the strongest showing from Marvel's past and they’re on pace to place highest as number one. Black Panther will be one of the most successful films Marvel has ever created. From here it seems like an inevitability but it’s easy to forget that it was only 10 years ago that Marvel first jumped into this project with Iron Man, a movie that was by no means an experiment but also grew to be much larger than anticipated, kicking off a decade of superhero fever. To celebrate the ten year anniversary, Marvel invited Marco Grob to photograph the cast of this decade of movies, ultimately creating an image with dozens of actors filling roles in stories that cover centuries of storytelling on a handful of worlds, through uncountable space, and in multiple dimensions.The photograph is so large, revealing a population so grand, it’s difficult to take in all at once. Each actor’s size in relation to the others pales in comparison to the entire composition, and that’s kind of the point. At this point, the MCU is larger than one actor, one character, or one story. Robert Downey Jr, who plays the titular character of the MCU’s first film stands front and center, but glance to another part of the image and you’ll find Michael B Jordan, the richly complex antagonist of Black Panther. Nearby is Bradley Cooper whose face is never seen in his multiple appearances since he plays a CGI raccoon. These are voices and faces we’ve be thrilled, terrified, and inspired by.The rumors are that the next couple films will mean the end of the road for many of the actors in Marco’s photo that we’ve come to love over the last ten years, but Marvel’s plan to create movies extends far beyond the limited storylines that these actors were Black Panther is a movie that was needed now, though it’s been needed since the beginning of this project. What better way to celebrate the end of one decade of storytelling and the beginning of the next? Check out the Behind the Scenes video below, and Marco's posters for Black Panther.
  • 2.13.18 Jesse Lizotte Gets Classic with Reebok

    Some things never go out of style. A clean pair of jeans. A solid teeshirt. A classic pair of sneakers. Reebok rose to prominence in the 1980s thanks to their fitnesswear, but ever since has maintained the same DNA that keeps their fans coming back. Their Classics program ensure that, and their new Always Classic Project is keeping it alive. Jesse Lizotte just met up with TAPZ, the New Zealand based Zibabwean rapper to shoot for the project. “It is about collaborating with artists worldwide that defy the status quo and embody what it means to be a classic,” explains Jesse. “Coming from the far corners of New Zealand via Zimbabwe, TAPZ is a unique artist in his approach to the genre. He’s definitely one to watch for 2018.” TAPZ is surprisingly young at 22, but he’s already sparkling.As a young artist, there’s still a lot to learn about TAPZ as he creates a foundation of work and explores his public persona. That means that he’s still an unknown variable and that collaborators may not be able to plan for what to expect. “Prior to the shoot I didn’t know what to expect from TAPZ, what sort of energy or vibe he was going to bring on set,” says Jesse. “He is full of charisma and doesn’t shy away from moving in front of the camera. Once you get him in the zone, with his favourite playlist, it’s all go. I was chasing him around the set trying to keep up!” The resulting photographs are magnetic and explosive. TAPZ brought it and Jesse went along for the ride. You’ll notice that throughout the shoot, Jesse didn’t focus exclusively on the sneakers even though the project was with and for Reebok. That’s because campaigns aren’t just about product anymore. It’s all about a lifestyle, and Jesse knows that. “People are so used to seeing your stock standard product shots, it’s about telling a story and adding another dimension,” Jesse explains. “Never mind the shoes physical or performance attributes, we all know the classic silhouette that hasn’t changed for years. It's more about the personality that is wearing the shoe and how it remains still relevant today.” No one is just looking for the shoe anymore, they want the energy, the context, and the social currency that comes along with it. And Jesse was happy to deliver. Jesse Lizotte is represented exclusively through our Sydney office. Credits: Client: ReebokAgency: AndpeopleStyling by Danielle SoglimbeneGrooming by Claire Thompson @ Company1
  • 2.13.18 Go Modern with Tom Corbett and Harper's BAZAAR Greece

    Common wisdom tells us that our civilization was cradled in Greece, the apparatus of how we interact as a human culture was created in those years and the impact has reverberated ever since. It’s literally the Classical Era, defining what it means to be a classic. In today’s world we have many modern classics, whether it’s a black dress or a clean pair of heels, but there is nothing more classic than a Chanel suit. “It’s very classic,” Tom reminds us. Chanel’s latest Cruise collection features a smattering of Grecian inspired looks that Tom Corbett dialed up to 100 for his story in Harper’s BAZAAR Greece. Styled by Sandy Armeni, the whole shoot is a study in shape, angles, and attitude. By bringing the project into a studio, Tom was able to focus on bringing those shapes and angles to life with the energy necessary to highlight the volume and movement of the clothes. Model Taja Feistner worked with Tom to balance body language and grace to show off all the details. Whether it’s a ballooning pair of pants, an expertly woven skirt suit, or brilliantly appliqued crewneck, each piece needed a unique presentation and they found it together. Bradley Irion lent his mastery of hair to balance each look, while Brian Duprey makeup stayed in line with the classic inspirations. The details are underscored with accessories, completing each look, making each look as modern as it is classic, stitching together two eras in a single editorial.
  • 2.12.18 Stephen Wilkes Takes Flight with National Geographic

    This small blue marble that we live on is awash in ecosystems and visceral traditions we seldom see and even less frequently understand. Even as millions of migratory birds have flown tens of thousands of miles all over the planet each year, it is only recently that we’ve begun to unlock the mystery – as human communication becomes more immediate and our lived experience brings us closer together, we see the magnificence around us. These stories are older than the human species, timeless in a way we can scarcely imagine even in the prehistoric calcium in our bones. Stephen Wilkes pulls these journeys out of time in his latest feature story with National Geographic: The Epic Journeys of Migratory Birds. The breathtaking story includes four new images from Stephen created through his Day to Night process that is a taxing but incredible method that stitches entire days and nights into single images. To capture the four images, Stephen chased five different birds over the globe: Northern Gannets in Scotland, Lesser Flamingos in Kenya, Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska, and Black-Browed Albatrosses and Southern Rockhopper Penguins in the Falkland Islands (who, Stephen reports, were surprisingly cooperative). Each stunning image is the result of an incredible process: Stephen remains at a fixed position with his camera for 26 to 36 hours, hitting the shutter almost by instinct, resulting in anywhere between 1,000 and 1,800 exposures that he sorts through expertly. Once this expansive amount of imagery is brought back to the studio, Stephen begins the process of bringing the exposures together to reveal the entire day in one single composition. He compresses time into one image, almost inverting the limits of photography, removing the boundaries of the medium. In photographing this way, Stephen is able to reveal more than a stolen moment from one group of birds, and is, instead, able to provide us with a larger context to give us a taste of what it’s like to experience these creatures and their behavior in a deeper way. “The flamingos create extraordinary patterns and the sky becomes an undulating piece of fabric,” Stephen explains, a notion he’s able to deliver to us thanks to the sheer volume of work that goes into the photographs. If you want to experience the images beyond the limits of your screen, they will be on view at The National Geographic Museum (1145 17th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C.) as a part of ‘Day to Night: In the Field with Stephen Wilkes.’ Also included in the show will be aerial imagery he captured as a part of the global exploration. The show opens Tuesday, February 13, and will be on view through April 22. For more on Stephen Wilkes' innovative 'Day to Night' process, check out his interview with the BBC.
  • 2.6.18 Patrik Giardino and Gus Kenworthy Proudly Advance on The Olympics

    It was only four years ago that LGBTQ+ athletes were skipping out on the Sochi Winter Olympics because of Russia’s bizarre anti-gay laws. Some out athletes didn’t want their celebrity to attract visitors or outside dollars to the country, so they opted out, while others – like skier Gus Kenworthy – used the opportunity to show the world the inhumanity of those laws. It was a tense time, that put a lot of athletes, countries, and committees in difficult positions. But now, on the eve of the PyeongChang Olympics, it’s a different situation. Patrik Giardino just caught up with Gus Kenworthy to shoot a campaign for Head & Shoulders, but what started out as a hair care product commercial turned into so much more. “He was super nice, he was so easy to work with and very open and happy,” Patrik says about working and collaborating with Kenworthy. “He wanted to do everything, to make the shoot different.” That creative dynamic meant they were able to do a lot more than glamour shots of great hair. With the Olympics around the corner, and Procter & Gamble (Head & Shoulders’ parent company) a sponsor of the games, Kenworthy and Patrik knew that a lot of eyes were going to land on the photographs and ad, so they took on the task knowing the stakes. “There was a little more pressure because a lot more people are going to scrutinize the shots, it’s not like just another athlete going up to promote some product,” Patrik explains. Kenworthy’s status as an out athlete means that he’s a hero to more than just other skiers, he represents the future of competition, where every athlete can compete as themselves with nothing hidden away. Patrik wanted to bring that into the shoot. “We had a focus on something else, so it means a lot more than just going up there and shooting someone for the PR or the commercial,” he says. For Kenworthy to be able to wear official uniforms and Olympic insignias, each image was going to face approval from the Olympic committee, and amazingly they approved everything. Even the images with Kenworthy posing with the Rainbow Flag, a flag that celebrates diversity and is seen as the herald of the gay community. “Luckily the Olympic Committee approved everything... It went all the way up to the top,” Patrik says. “He’s in the official Olympic uniform, and he’s allowed to represent the gay flag and everything we wanted to do, so I think in that sense it was amazing… It’s way more personal than just shooting another athlete, it feels like so much more.” The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and as images from the shoot continue to be released as the games approach, the campaign becomes more than a story of great hair: it’s the story of a more inclusive future where everyone has the opportunity compete as their true selves.
  • 2.5.18 The Arresting Surprise of Lady Bird with Marc Hom

    Every year Hollywood surprises us, and never in the way that we expect. The blockbusters take over the summer, thrillers in the fall, then big dramas in the winter right before Oscar season. But every year there are one or two movies that appear out of nowhere and steal the hearts of their audiences. This year it’s Lady Bird, the dramatic comedy written and directed by actress Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan, with Laurie Metcalf playing her mother. It’s a coming of age tale that has exploded on the scene, gaining an incredible amount of Oscar buzz earning a cover story at Entertainment Weekly, photographed by Marc Hom. Marc was thrilled to take on this project because he loves working with close creative teams. “What I really liked about this is when you shoot with people who have been working together for so long and their project becomes a success, to become a fly on the wall,” says Marc. “I get to see the chemistry between them in this situation, just how well they know each other and the tremendous respect they have towards each other.” These three leading women have worked together so closely to create this special story that the energy between them is dynamic, intimate, and intense. Although those relationships were honed through the making of the movie, Marc wanted to ensure that the photographs celebrating the artistic achievement wouldn’t be stuck in time. After all, each of these women will continue to go on and create more beautiful work. “I think it was a combination of course representing the movie but at the same time not replicating what’s already been done,” Marc explains. “it’s more about capturing them as they are more than they are as a character… It should represent the energy between three women, but also represent them as individuals, and also have a feeling of great portraits that we can look at in 10 years and say it’s a beautiful picture.” They came together for this film, which we’ll all celebrate, and then they’ll move forward and make more laudable creations. The images that Marc created have a stillness and intimacy to them which is a treat to behold. But there’s also a power, a power that each of the women wield in front of and behind the camera. For Marc, that power settled into the room, not just because of the capabilities of these three artists, but also because of the electricity around their movie. All eyes are on the women of Lady Bird as awards season gets into full swing. “You could definitely feel that there was a train full steam ahead,” Marc says. “You could feel that. It was definitely a good nervous energy but you could definitely feel that they were hit by something that they didn’t quite expect.”
  • 2.2.18 Jenue Lifts Cryptocurrency to Visibility with The New York Times Magazine

    Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be a mystery: they’re often crowd sourced currencies, so all the information is out there even if it seems like the conversation is happening without you. It’s not just Bitcoin anymore, there are thousands of different currencies, each with their own rollercoaster of valuation, and each of them with their own culture. It’s certainly a bubble, as described visually on the cover of New York Times Magazine with an image by Jenue - the question is whether or not this new market is going to burst. All markets eventually have their maximum limit, but Jenue wanted to infuse his imagery with the playful excitement that’s come along with the cryptocurrencies, as well as their true fragility. The idea was pretty simple: turn the currencies into balloons. It’s the perfect metaphor. They’re shiny, buoyant, can rise as fast as the air will part above them, and pop when faced with unexpected outside pressures. So Jenue created a veritable flock of Bitcoin balloons crowded onto the cover. Each of these CGI balloons is tethered to a very conspicuous string, keeping it in place. In Jenue’s image it implies the limits, but ironically, perhaps, cryptocurrency doesn’t have the tether that comes with financial regulations. It’s that aspect that has made these currencies the preferred method of illicit payments online, but may be the largest contributor to their downfall. As an entity, cryptocurrencies have built into them alluring tensions – like air captured under thin plastic. As mentioned, there are so many more currencies than just Bitcoin, so Jenue also brought the logos of Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash to life in golden, poppable balloons in a center spread to help us visualized the breadth of the issue, and recognize how these variables are broader than we know now. The balloons are aloft, thanks to Jenue, now we wait to see if they’ll be attending a celebration or an entirely different kind of ceremony.
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  • @wearetherhoads captured this intimate photo of @ellenpage and @emmaportner in large format while shooting their latest with @tmagazine. ⠀
This project was produced by our friends at @greatboweryfilm.⠀
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  • @patrikgiardino and @guskenworthy teamed up with @headshoulders to celebrate this era of inclusion at the #Olympics.⠀
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